A simple trick to get ugly kids

Heya man,

Yesterday I got a Thai Massage. It was one of the best massages I’ve ever had, one of those ones where the girl folds your body in on itself. In fact she was so good I mistook a few of her techniques for Jiu-Jitsu moves and almost tapped out a few times.

But the girl was short, Asian and plump and it reminded me of something.

This is one of those things I normally only share with my friends and private students, but today I thought I’d share it with you.

Before I got good at game, pretty much all my girlfriends looked the same.

They were short, Asian, plump and into comic books, just like my masseuse (I can only assume about the comic books).

Now, granted, I could count all the girls I dated on one hand, but even with this small data one thing was obvious.

My kids DNA was already set.

Think about it. The children you have will be as pretty as the girls you date. (Mixed with half of you)

This meant that before I started learning how to attract hot girls my children would all be a mix of me and a Short Plump Asian girl.

These are things you don’t think of when you’re just trying to meet a girl that likes you, but the reality is this is your legacy you’re messing with.

The simple trick to getting ugly kids is to date ugly girls.

If I’d never learnt this skill set… I’d be dating ugly girls and have ugly kids. Fact.

Now maybe you don’t want kids, or maybe you’re one of those people that doesn’t care about how good their kids look. (I see the parents of those children when I walk through Walmart)

But if you do care, if you want gorgeous children, then you should start dating girls that will give you the kind of children you may want.

Dating hot girls isn’t as easy as we’d like though and sometimes it can be hard finding the right things to say. Check out this video and learn a simple way to keep a conversation going.





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