About Adam Lyons

My name is Adam Lyons and I want to tell you something that, to be honest, is still a bit of a shock to me. Over the last few years I’ve become recognised as one of the worlds top 3 experts in dating and attraction, known in some circles as AFC Adam.

I’m a regular columnist for the world’s leading online men’s magazine Askmen, as well as an advisor and contributor for newspapers, magazines and TV shows across the world. With all these people asking me for advice you would think I would have had to be great with women all my life.

The truth is, I really wasn’t. There was a time back in school when my classmates voted me Least Likely To Ever Get A Girlfriend. This lead me to feel depressed, especially when it came to girls. I would sit around alone at parties, not sure how to speak to the girls I wanted. Anytime I did manage to speak to them it was only as a friend, typically listening to them talking about the guys they wanted to be with.

I decided to do something about it. I tried almost everything to gain an understanding of attraction from using my old Psychology notes from College to obtaining and reading modern Psychological Journals on the subject of dating and attraction. Not only have I been recognised as an International Affiliate member of the American Psychological Association but I’ve actually gone out into the field and tested all of the methods and ideas available.

I’ve probably used every single chat up line in the book. I have used the cheesy ones that everyone knows and have even made up my own. There were even routines and games I made up to see how far I could get. Some of these you can see in the video below. Although they worked I wanted to understand the causes of the attraction.

These experiences have given me a massive edge when it came to dating and attracting the women I wanted. I was capable of applying the real psychological theory into practice and I not only knew what triggered attraction but I also had the in-field experience to know first hand which techniques worked and didn’t.

I’ve lived a lifestyle that many would only dream of. I’ve dated celebrities, models and all manor of incredibly beautiful girls. At one time I was known for turning up to parties with an entourage of at least 40 women, which was a way of life, second only to Hugh Heffner.

I did this all of this without exceptional looks, with a poor body shape and very little money.

When you understand the principles of dating and attraction you can turn it on whenever you want. Not only will you never be alone but you will also be able to get the kind of girlfriend you’ve always wanted.

I’ve broken these steps down into a simplified form and I use this to teach my method to all of my students around the world.

The scary thing about this is how easy it is, once you know what you’re doing.

They say that dating is a game. I’m going to show you how to bend the rules.

This is Game. The way it’s meant to be played.

Adam Lyons