The #1 Pick-up Artist in the World will teach you…

How to Master The Art of Qualification


Decide what you want in a woman

Learn to identify her when you see her

Use these techniques to develop your own style

Steer the conversation where you want it to go

Make sure she is who you think she is

Get to know her well in a fraction of the time

Build attraction with her quickly and easily

Date exactly the type of women you want to!

  • How Qualification helps you accomplish exactly what you set out to achieve in your love life – whatever that is for you personally
  • How to start off knowing exactly who you want and what you want, decide this for yourself based on the real you, on your genuine preferences and values
  • How you can create a unique strategy of your own, specifically designed so you start dating the exact type of women you deep-down want to be dating
  • How Qualification enables you to spot exactly who you’re looking for, and then specifically how to quickly determine if she really is the person you think and hope she is
  • How you can find out if this is a person you’re seriously interested in dating in just one night, rather than drawing out the process for six months
  • Avoid a ton of wasted time and effort, avoid a lot of needless disappointment and frustration, start using game to get what you want in your life
  • Qualification provides a framework to create your own personal goal path, not some loose knit series of methods hastily assembled so you try unthinkingly to bed as many hot-looking women as possible

  • If you ever worry that you won’t know what to say when you start talking to somebody
  • If you get nervous about being rejected when you do start talking to someone
  • If you’re afraid you’ll have a long interaction and the other person will ultimately not want to be with you
  • If you feel like you’ve already bought too much stuff that didn’t work
  • If you feel like you know a little bit about Qualification but don’t know how to really use it effectively
  • If you think this doesn’t apply to you but you’re not as good at generating attraction as you’d really like to be
  • If you want to know exactly what to say to generate a relationship when you see your perfect woman
  • If you don’t have the confidence to start talking to women you find attractive because don’t know what to say

Who is Adam Lyons?

He’s a regular columnist for the world’s leading online men’s magazine Askmen, as well as an advisor and contributor to newspapers, magazines and TV shows around the world.

He has been recognized as an International Affiliate member of the American Psychological Association and furthermore, he has actually gone out into the field and tested all of the methods and ideas available like a man obsessed.

He,s lived a lifestyle that many would dream of, dating celebrities, models and all manner of incredibly beautiful girls. At one time he was known for turning up to parties with an entourage of at least 40 women. It was a way of life for him, second only to Hugh Heffner. He did this all of this, however, with average looks, a poor body shape and very little money. Even Hef can’t say THAT!

He teaches that once you understand the principles of dating and attraction you can turn it on whenever you want. Not only will you never be alone but you will also be able to get the kind of girlfriend you’ve always wanted.

He has a special talent for breaking these steps down into a simplified form and teaching his methods to many students around the world. He says the scary thing about this is how easy it is, once you know what you’re doing.

  • World PUA Summit 2010: #1 Ranking in the world
  • Seduction Tuition 2010: #1 Ranking in the world
  • Thundercats Seduction List 2010: #1 Ranking in the world
  • TSB Magazine 2010: #1 Dating Coach in the world
  • World PUA Summit 2009: #1 Ranking in the world
  • Thundercats Seduction List 2009: #1 Ranking in the world
  • TSB Magazine 2009: #1 Dating Coach in the world
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This course is filled with examples of actual dialogue. Adam has example conversations with responses and you can see how he responds differently depending on how she responds… These example dialogues are worth the price of the course all by themselves. You’ll think, “No wonder how he gets so many dates! So that’s how he does it…”

Adam reveals secrets of his success that go deeper than any specific techniques. He exposes his deeper underlying strategies and how he’s able to use his vitally clear sense of direction to make all his techniques far more effective. He brings all the little pieces together for you in a larger whole you can understand. You’ll find that a lot of things you’ve already heard before will “click” and start making more sense than they used to… You’ll see how they fit together…

He demonstrates that you have to know what you’re looking for, what you’re trying to build up, what direction you want the conversation to go in. Otherwise, you can have long, apparently successful conversations that lead nowhere because they haven’t built up any attraction.

Have you ever spent hours talking with a hot chick and then when it ended you felt you’d likely never see her again? Adam Lyons Qualification explains why and how that happens and how to avoid having it happen again.

But a warning is in order. The strategies revealed in Adam Lyons Qualification Video Course, while simple, are not all easy. Many of them take some guts and a little boldness. You must put yourself out there, on the line. You must decide what you want and go for it. Directly. Full on like you mean it.

This is not as much a course in theory as it is action training. He’s training you to take action. To risk ending conversations with women you’re not interested in quickly, and to increase your chances of deeply connecting with the type women you’re most interested in immediately.

Rather than superficial tricks, Adam explains how to genuinely deepen conversations — how to get to know who that other person is on a substantial level, understand her drives and ambitions.

He also demonstrates the powerful importance of having reasons behind the actions you take. These reasons can enable you to rebound and recover from a host of unwanted turns in the conversation that might be conversation-killers otherwise. You’ll appreciate the potential power of “why questions” in a whole new way…

From the course: “if you learn how to qualify somebody correctly, you can get away with talking about sex within three minutes of meeting somebody.”

This is how powerful Qualification can be when you do it right. You’ll know in advance when you can get away with something like this. He’s illustrating the awesome power of proper Qualification.

Here are some comments from some of Adam’s students:

Adam – I am a big fan of your stuff and your attraction formula. For the longest time, qualification has been one of my weakest links. When I’m talking to girls, it always seems like I’m chasing them and working hard for them. But finally, I’m starting to see the tables turn and getting them to start investing into me! Finally, I’m beginning to understand and practice this concept of “qualification” that we all hear about. Many thanks!
Peter, Los Angeles
“I love the fact that you are so down to earth, straight-talking and genuinely interested in making everyone a better person rather than just good with women. That is what differentiates you for me from most other coaches. That and the fact that you are where I want to ultimately be – having great social and interpersonal skills and having found a great girl to be part of my life!” –
Nik from United Kingdom

You may know that one of the benefits of my job is that I get to travel around the world and meet thousands of guys and teach them how to be better with women. I get testimonials through email, Facebook, text messages, calls, in the middle of the street, at the airport, and even tweets! Every now and then though, I get something like this in the mail from students and it feels really good to know lives are being changed for the better.

Get The Brand New Adam Lyons Qualification 2-DVD Video Course And The Bonus for One Payment of $97.


  • How to talk directly to someone’s subconscious mind and insert ideas they’ll start thinking are their own so you can take the conversation where you want it to go without being obvious about it
  • How to handle the “I have a boyfriend” response and use Preloading to find out for sure if she really has one before you decide whether she’s worth pursuing any further or not
  • How to use Preloaded Questions to influence her thinking without getting rejected, turning her off, or seeming manipulative
  • Decide exactly who you want to be dating, then find out quickly if she qualifies – that is, if you really want to be dating her in the first place BEFORE you invest a lot of time and energy in the relationship
  • Don’t waste any more time talking to people you don’t really want to be spending time with and dating – instead spend your time talking to those you really do want to date – save huge amounts of time and avoid the eventual frustration of realizing she’s not who you thought she was until months later…
  • Also use Identification to find out how she’ll behave in certain key situations that are important to you – well in advance before these circumstances actually come up so you know what to expect and you can avoid potentially unpleasant surprises
  • Add the updated version of “The Question Game” to your conversation to avoid boring the other person or sounding like you’re interrogating her
  • Use Investment to make the other person work harder than you at making your initial interactions work because the harder they work, and the more they invest in the conversation, the greater the chances that they’ll like you
  • How increased investment leads invariably to increased attraction because the more you invest in something the more interested you become in it and the more you care about it
  • Detailed coaching on the art and craft of beginning and maintaining engaging conversations and using various types of interactions to get to know people in greater depth by probing beneath the surface in powerful ways
  • You’ll learn how to steer conversations where you want them to go. And you’ll know where you want them to go! Amazing…
  • You can make sure that if somebody dates you, they’re dating you in the way that you want; somebody who actually wants a relationship with you or who is okay with you seeing other people
  • Powerful techniques of forced learning make people do the kind of things that you want them to do and to keep it up – you can hold them to their statements
  • You’ll get some key techniques that help you develop your own game, to build up your own skills of attraction and dating; to ensure that not only are you meeting the kind of people that you want to meet but that they are going to end up continuing to be the kind of person you want to be with; whether it’s in a long-term relationship or an open relationship
  • And much, much more…

Get The Brand New Adam Lyons Qualification 2-DVD Video Course And The Bonus for One Payment of $97.

Our 365-Day Risk-Free 100% Money Back Guarantee

Adam spent years developing and perfecting these methods, sometimes after painful trial and error. He stands behind these 100%. So if you’re not completely satisfied with Adam Lyons Qualification course, just send the DVDs back and we’ll give you your money back! No questions, no hard feelings. You risk nothing.

Get The Brand New Adam Lyons Qualification 2-DVD Video Course And The Bonus for One Payment of $97.



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P.S. Adam’s Qualification course covers a lot of ground on 2 DVDs. You’ll want to watch them again and again.

To help you completely absorb and remember everything Adam shows you, we’re including an Ebook version of the entire video presentation! You can download it immediately and read about Qualification while your DVDs are being delivered to you.


You can read along or read it afterwards. It’s a great way to review the content after the fact. You can search for specific words and phrases and find them instantly, and study specific parts of the material you really want to get down before trying them out on your own.

P.P.S. You won’t find an opportunity to fully understand Qualification like this anywhere else. Many people who study it wind up more confused about it than when they started. Even most people who are naturally good at Qualification are unable to teach it clearly and understandably. They often consider it more of a natural talent than a teachable skill. This is an exceptional opportunity to get an exceptional course on the art of Qualification.

You can sit back and let others jump ahead, but your progress will likely continue to come slowly and painfully. Qualification has never been presented very well, in a clear and understandable fashion. That’s exactly the reason Adam created this course to begin with! He saw an unfilled need he was uniquely qualified to fill.

So don’t spend your evenings sitting home alone and feeling sad any more. This is the same great content you’ve come to expect from Adam Lyons, full of clear explanations and practical examples. By the time you finish watching these 2 DVDs, your understanding of Qualification will exceed that of most other people on the planet. You’ll be able to use this very powerful dating technique to create the kind of relationships that generate attraction and that you’ll find truly enjoyable.

So be bold. Change your life. Act today. Move your game ahead. You have to be a little bold to master Qualification anyway. So you may as well start practicing right now by jumping into this offer with both feet!

P.P.P.S. Just to be absolutely clear, you have two basic options:

Option #1 – Continue doing what you’re doing, continue getting your same results, continue being alone, continue to waste your time with girls you’re not deeply compatible with anyway, continue not connecting with the type of women you really want to. This is just the way things have always been, the way things are, and the way things will continue to be.

Option #2 – Buy this Qualification product and come to understand why things haven’t been clicking for you, start to identify and hone in on the women who are a good match for you, become more effective at keeping them engaged, gain skill at having them become attracted to you, have some very satisfying relationships, feel way better about yourself, enjoy your life more… what’s all that worth to you exactly?

Get The Brand New Adam Lyons Qualification 2-DVD Video Course And The Bonus for One Payment of $97. Act Now!