Your whole “game” can rest on the solid bedrock of understanding these few core principles provide…

There are basic lessons and core principles of how attraction works and what triggers it.

The art of the pick-up is based entirely on these fundamental yet little-known principles.

These key insights are precisely what enabled me, Adam Lyons, to go from being a geek who couldn’t get a date in 2006 to my ranking as the #1 PUA (Pick Up Artist) in the entire world in 2007!

Do you realize:

  • Creating attraction is a learnable skill.
  • Once you realize why it works it’s really quite easy to do.
  • The very first thing you need to understand about the game is “why it works”.
  • Once you know what causes you to be attracted to other people, then it immediately becomes tons easier for you to get other people attracted to you!

Alright, so… Who is Adam Lyons?

I’m a columnist for the world’s leading online men’s magazine called Askmen, as well as an advisor and frequent contributor to various newspapers, magazines and TV shows around the world.

I’ve been recognized as an International Affiliate member of the American Psychological Association and, even more importantly for you, I’ve actually gone out into the field and tested all of the methods and ideas I could find. Several friends told me I was flat-out obsessed. Well… I admit they were right… But so much the better for you, because I’ve made hundreds of mistakes that you don’t have to!

I’ve lived a lifestyle that many would dream of: dating celebrities, models and all manner of incredibly beautiful women. At one time I was known for turning up to parties with an entourage of at least 40 girls. It was a way of life for me. I was second only to Hugh Heffner as far as I know. People expected me to do this. Plus, I did this all of this with average looks, a poor body shape and very little money. Even ‘Hef’ can’t say THAT!

I’m currently ranked the #1 Pick-up Artist in the world and I’ve won a bunch of awards by organizations that rate the Pick Up Artist (PUA) community.

But enough about me, already, I just wanted to quickly convince you that I’m one of the few people in this field who really do know what I’m talking about from first-hand experience and personal accomplishments.

Back to what YOU are going to get in my exclusive training series:

The Adam Lyons Street Seduce

Video #1: Why “Game” Works

  • Discover what truly attracts us, yourself included
  • Learn the core secret to consistently attracting others
  • Understand how to build lasting and powerful attraction

Most people, nearly all of us, have two major pursuits: relationships and money.

While you may not fully realize it yet, you care more about your time than money itself.

I’ll explain this to you much more fully in the training. Trust me, you’re going to completely agree with this statement very soon if you don’t already…

There are just two main ways to get somebody invested in having a relationship with you and you will find out everything you need to know about both them in this first video…

Video #2: Simple Steps to being Natural

  • How to project REAL Confidence
  • Discover your power of Abundance
  • Find out the importance of Sexual Escalation
  • Get all the key steps to start practicing Sexual Escalation

You can make yourself incredibly attractive, and you can do it today.

There are three key qualities you need to develop and if you can develop them, you really don’t need anything else to become attractive to the opposite sex.

The key is learning what these three qualities are… I’m going to reveal to you everything you need to know about them in this second video.

These three qualities together combine into an amazingly powerful force. These three things alone will make you successful with the opposite sex. I assure you that you can make massive improvements in all three of these areas and I show you how to do it in video #2.

Video #3: The Importance of Opening

  • Analyze and improve your own success rate
  • Understand how to be great with women
  • See how successful you can be with just a little practice

You have to actually go out there and do something to meet women. The only way you’re going to understand how attraction works is to go out there and do it yourself.

What are your chances of getting a phone number if you never speak to anybody? The key is to go out there and get as much experience as possible.

Be yourself, be natural, talk without using any canned lines or routines or pre-scripted material and you can still find very comfortable interactions with people.

The average guy will only date 6 women in their entire lifetime. Your chances of meeting someone you’re deeply compatible with go way up if you meet more women… until you find someone you really connect with… and who enjoys the same hobbies and pastimes as you do…

So go out there and practice. Go talk to a hundred people and just see what happens. At least 80% of them are not going to be rude to you. Those are pretty good odds…

You’ll feel a lot more comfortable and confident about going out and meeting women once you understand the basics of openings as I explain them completely to you in video #3.

Video #4: The Myths of Attraction

  • How to attract women you thought were “out of your league”
  • Understand the basics of confidence and how to magnify it
  • Discover the two core types of leadership and how this can help you

There’s a lot of bunk that people have been putting out there for a long time that I want you to know is just plain not true. Don’t let these myths stop or intimidate you. I’ve proven repeatedly that they are not true and I want YOU to realize they’re not true as well… so you free yourself from deep-seated FALSE assumptions that lead you to develop bad habits.

This video debunks some of the bigger myths that can prevent you from improving.

For example:

1) Even if you think you’re not good looking enough, don’t have a good enough job or a hundred other reasons, the truth is, you really CAN dramatically improve your dating life. The most important thing to understand is what triggers attraction.

2) You don’t have to memorize pick-up lines, opening routines and complicated chat up dialogues to get people be attracted to you. This just isn’t true.

There really are ways of just being yourself and causing people to become attracted to you. You do need to understand a few things about how to do it and what not to do and I explain all of this very clearly in video #4.

You need to understand the psychology of what works and then you can step away from using pre-scripted lines and routines and material you copied from somebody else.

Material you copied from somebody else is never going to work for you because you’re not comfortable with it. You don’t naturally relate to it.

You need to develop your own style. You just need to make sure it’s based on sound principles that have been proven to work. That’s why I want you to have this course, so you have a great and true set of basic principles to start with! This is crucial for your success.

3) You don’t need to insult people. There are only a very few times and places when insulting a girl is a constructive thing to do. The key is to understand when you need to do something like that. Usually you don’t have to and it often makes things worse…

It’s much more effective to add value to somebody by complimenting them than to insult them. Just don’t let the other person walk all over you! I talk more about this in video #4.

4) The idea of “Peacocking”. You don’t have to wear something completely outrageous to get people to want to talk to you. There are other, more effective ways to stand out. I talk about what they are in this video as well.

Crazy gimmicks, costumes and outlandish attractions cause more problems than they solve.

You don’t have to have anything like this in order to stand out.

Video #5: The Format of Daygame

  • Learn a simple 3-step method to dating
  • Discover the easiest way to get a date
  • Get solid ‘No Flake’ phone numbers

There are things you can do right now to go out and start meeting people.

Video #5 offers you a step by step plan so you can go up to somebody you’ve never met before and within a few minutes you’ll get their phone number or set up a date with them or something like that.

This is a very simple daytime method and I cover all the steps in this video.

There’s the opening, building a conversation that gets the other person to invest in you, and then getting their phone number with a justified reason why you should have it. This video reveals everything you need.

Video #6: A Live Daygame approach broken down

  • See the Daygame Format LIVE
  • Learn how to duplicate the results
  • Real in-the-field footage you can learn from

This video is an actual demonstration of me in action! You’ll watch me get a pretty girl’s phone number for real, right in the street. This is not staged.

Then I take you back through the video and break it down step by step, to show you exactly what I did and why I did it.

It’s easy for someone to sit down and tell you they know what they’re doing, yet so much harder for them to actually get out there and show you.

I go out in the field and demonstrate how it’s done – live – so you can see how it works in real life and then go out there and do it yourself.

By now you’re probably wondering how much all of this is going to cost you…

Act now, and get the

Adam Lyons Street Seduce

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Not only that, but if you act today, I’m going to throw in an extra free bonus.

FREE Bonus: A Companion Ebook to go along with the 6 videos!

Some people prefer to read rather than watch videos. But even if you don’t, it’s a useful reference for quickly looking up specific material you want to refresh in your mind quickly, like right before you run out the door…

So… Act now, and get the

Adam Lyons Street Seduce

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P.P.S. Bottom line: If I don’t really help you succeed then I won’t succeed for long either. I am fully committed to your success for the selfish reason that my success depends upon my ability to deliver! You will benefit from these lessons – I guarantee it.