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Get the Inside Scoop Before Anyone Else…


The VIP Membership gives you access to Adam Lyon’s ever-expanding collection of breakthrough material and cutting edge advice on dating and attraction. Adam’s pioneering creativity in the dating field is now legendary and he’s constantly developing new methods, strategies and techniques.


This is his exclusive membership site featuring hours and hours of video tutorials, audios, interviews and other training and coaching aids which are updated and added to on a regular, ongoing basis.


You’ll learn things about Adam’s history, background and personal experiences that you can’t find out anywhere else. You’ll understand him in ways no one else can… You’ll understand the man as well as the expert authority so you’ll be able to relate to him better and realize that you really can duplicate his success. In the VIP Membership site, he holds nothing back, even personal stuff that’s not appropriate for professional presentations and workshops.


Find out how to pick up beautiful women by being yourself and having authentic conversations. There are no routines and chat-up lines to memorize and recite. You’ll develop yourself and your unique personality and conversational skills… well, and a bunch of other skills as well, like sexual escalation and more…

Learn at your own pace and develop your own style and find out how to go after exactly the type of women you’re really after.


What Adam teaches comes directly from his personal experiences and accomplishments – no hearsay, no untested theory – only the stuff that he has proven to work by using it, refining it, perfecting it, and at last getting outrageous results with it!

Oh yeah, and the tons of stuff that he tried and didn’t work… you’ll never hear about it unless he’s telling you what not to do…

Adam is not about making a quick buck. He’s not in this for the short term. He knows his success depends on his reputation and he will not jeopardize it by telling you to do anything that he doesn’t know for sure works and works very well.

This is the main reason he’s the leading pick-up-artist instructor and coach even after years of doing it, long after so many others have faded away.

His faithful fans and loyal customers have learned to trust and respect him and they know they’ll get value out of anything he publishes because if it wasn’t great, Adam wouldn’t put his name on it.

Get access to video tutorials, techniques and methods Adam developed to help himself improve and get to the point where he was voted the number one pick-up-artist in the entire world. You’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to duplicate his success so you can end up with exactly the kind of person that you want to be with.

If you’ve spent nights alone wondering if you’re ever going to find the ideal person for you to spend your life with, or you’re constantly being dumped and left without anyone, let alone that special someone… then this VIP membership is the perfect gateway for you to walk through into a better life.

The VIP Membership system is one of the most popular programs on our website, giving people access to tons of the training and psychology of the “dating game.”

You have access to lots of great material available from the moment you first sign in, and your membership never gets stale because even more great stuff gets added on a regular basis. You’ll have access to theory, video tutorials, challenges from Adam Lyons and other experts in the field of dating and attraction to help you get the kind of partner you’ve always wanted!


Inside the VIP area you will be given access to previously unobtainable training:

Get a complete, brand new module every single month!

    • Each new module comes with original, unique content including:
      • 4 weekly challenges

Each week Adam brings you specific small tasks, simple research projects, homework assignments, mindset exercises, and particular challenges design to get you practicing and improving your game. If you take these challenges on you can’t possibly avoid improving… and having plenty of fun while doing it!

      • 4 Question & Answer Sessions

Adam takes the time to answer the major questions you and other members keep asking him again and again, clearly and completely. He addresses these questions very thoroughly, including several examples of what he’s talking about so everyone can understand exactly what he’s saying.

      • 1 Video Lesson on the topic of the month (about 45 minutes long so it’s comprehensive)!

Every month Adam tackles a major issue the members have expressed interest in and explores the topic in depth in his typical insightful style.

      • For a limited time, join for the first month for just $1

Check it out with no risk!


  • NEW! You’ll get an enormously instructive weekly challenge so you can test, measure and improve your skills and progress!
  • NEW! Every week Adam answers one of his student’s most pressing questions submitted – this alone makes the membership worth it
  • NEW! And now you get the first month for only $1 so you can try it out and see how you like it – no surprises, no tricks
  • This is the place where Adam FIRST launches all his new ideas and strategies! You’ll be an insider to his most cutting edge developments right as they’re happening…
  • Practical step-by-step breakdowns of methods, procedures and practice so you can duplicate the same results that are normally only seen by the most experienced dating experts and celebrity superstars.
  • NEW! Regular updated material and interviews with outstanding experts in the field of attraction.
  • EXCLUSIVE! Tutorials and lessons not featured anywhere else in the world! You simply can’t get this stuff anywhere else or any other way.

Here’s a screenshot of what you get inside:


The methods given away in the VIP section enabled Adam to walk out of the clubs and streets of London with the hottest girls, leaving the other men gawking. This is the only place to learn these advanced skills for yourself. The program is $1 for the first 30 days and $47/month after that and I can cancel at any time if I’m not satisfied.