Turn Your Friend into a Wingman in 3 Steps

When guys talk about what it means to be a wingman, there is generally a lot of discrepancy. It’s not about going to a club with your mates and ragging on each other or competing for women. It isn’t about talking with the girl they are talking to so that the energy stays fun and there isn’t any silent moments. No. Being a wingman is about helping him seduce a woman without distractions in an environment with a lot of distractions.

But real quick, here are three ways to be a good wingman:

1. Think highly of your friends.

Instead of ragging on each other in the name of fun, talk highly of each other to women and let them hear how great of a person your wing is. If you are the active (the one running game) you talk highly of your wing. If you are the wing, talk highly of your friend. Then go to the next step.

2. Leave the active alone with his target

Two guys talking to one girl while running game can be intimidating and almost seals the fate that neither of you will go home with her. Take turns being the active on alternating days but as long as you’re the wing, after you have talked your buddy up about how awesome he is, get out of set. Tell them that you have some business to take care of on your phone and that you will catch up with them later but you need a second alone then stay out. You’re goal is to keep them talking alone. That transitions us to your next step:

3. Block interference from outside sources

Whether her friends come back in or a guy swoops in to try and steal the girl, it is the wing’s job to entertain or remove the obstacles. Remember that you already told the girl and the active that you would be back, so you can easily come back as soon as you see someone or something interrupting the isolation. You just step back up and make conversation with the interference and perhaps try to isolate them away from the active and the girl. Or at least get them talking to you about things that they can’t really address to the group. A monologue on your end to the interference works great as well. Don’t you have something you could just rant about to anyone who is forced to listen?

Stick to these three basic guidelines (which most “friends” fail to follow) and it’ll make your time meeting women easier and more fun.


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