What Most Guys Do WRONG When Gaming

Hey man,

When most guys realize that they want to be better with women, they are usually at a point where they are stuck on one girl in particular. This one girl in their life plays a major role for them and he wants to learn the skills he needs to woo her.

There is so much wrong with this situation.

Why is it, that as men, we have found it easier to befriend the women that we actually care about and want romantically and date and sleep with girls who we aren’t attracted to?

Shouldn’t it be the opposite?

Yes. It should.

But it’s easier to be afraid than to get what we want.

Any rejection is a shot directly at your ego, and that is up at the top of the list for the most painful places to get shot.

I’m going to make an analogy between women, and sales:

In the sales world, there are individuals called “Closers”. They make the most money, they drive the nicest cars, and live in the nicest houses. Why?

Because they sell. He has a way with words that his rivals don’t.

They envy him.

They ask him for advice on how they can get his sale record and be like him and he can spout all day about how he got to be the best and what his tactics are. He has all of these tactics, strategies, loopholes, understanding, and wants to share it with his fellow sales reps.

So he does.

The sales reps write down everything he tells them. Every strategy and tip and hint on how to be the best at what they do.

Then he shares one of his biggest hints… But it get’s tossed to the side.

  • So what was this hint?
  • What is the one thing that they had to do that would drastically increase their sales?
  • How does this correspond to game?
  • How can guys avoid the friend zone?

The Closer said, “Often, all you really have to do is ask.”

Often, sales reps get so involved in talking up the product or questioning a person, they never find the right time to really ask if the buyer is ready to make the purchase.

Often, the only thing getting between a girl sleeping with you and not, is you asking.

If you don’t ask, how does she know that that is what you want? How does she know that it’s even an option?

Now PLEASE don’t go up to girls asking with the words “Will you have sex with me?”

…You probably won’t find that very effective…

Instead, make your intentions clear using your body language, word choices, sexual innuendos, and sexual banter.

This isn’t something that you should ONLY be doing or you will come off as a creep with a one track mind. It should be playful, fun for both of you, and occasional. She has to know you are a sexual person.

So Let’s Compare

What most guys do is talk with a girl that they find attractive and avoid anything that could hurt her feelings or make her not like them anymore. They are so afraid to lose this one girl, they get too afraid to spice things up or ask her for what they really want. A sexual chemistry.

That is how you get L.J.B.F’d by a girl. It is a prison sentence.

What You should Be doing

You should be friendly and fun, but not afraid to tell her your opinions on her terrible taste of music. Occasionally you should tease her sexually and/or move more sexually. Touch her more sexually as the night progresses.

WARNING: Too much might cause her to pull away, but there are always ways of recovering if that happens. It is better to escalate too much than too little, because too little, you never know what you are missing, but too much just means you need to cool it down.

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Cheers mate,