The Best Pick Up Lines – How to get girls to like you

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Pick up Lines by Adam Lyons

In this video I’m going to talk about the best pick-up lines. People always ask me what I think is the best pick up like. If I’m going to be completely honest with you, my personal best pick up line is actually a combination line that uses a number of different people.

I’m a big fan of mixing different psychological principles together when it comes to generating attraction and one of my favorites – and of course the most powerful – is preselection. My best pick up line involves this technique.

The first thing you do is identify who you think are the hottest girls in the bar. At that point, I’ll walk to a girl I think is one of the hottest while another girl I think is equally hot is in the nearby vicinity. If this sounds a little bit complicated, it’s because it is! But it really is one of my most powerful techniques.

I then will move next to the girl I’m not that interested in but who I still think is pretty hot and I’ll say t her, “Hey; tell me three interesting things about yourself. Because I often find when I meet people in a bar,  they don’t often have much interest in things going on; but I can see you look like somebody who’s maybe got something interesting happening in your life – so what would you say are three of the most interesting things that you do?”

All I’ve done here is justify it using one of Stanley Millgram’s principles why she should tell me something interesting about herself. She then hopefully is going to launch into an entire conversation that’s at least three items long, telling me about interesting things she does. However, none of that really matters to me because I’m not going to be looking at her while she’s saying this.

Instead, I’m going to lean back and make eyes with the girl that I’m actually interested in talking to – while this girl is leaning in my ear and telling me all the things that are interesting about herself. At some point when I lock eye contact with the girl I’m actually interested in, I’m probably going to mouth the words, “Save me!” or maybe even, “Help me!”

By mouthing the words ‘save me’ or ‘help me’, I’m making it clear to the other girl that I don’t want to be talking to the girl next to me. And when I’ve got that locked eye contact and hopefully a bit of a smile, I’m going to excuse myself from the girl that’s telling me these interesting things and walk up to the other girl. I’m then going to say to her, “Hey, listen; this girl’s been chewing my ear off for ages. Can you pretend you’re with me so that we can get away from her?” That way the girl can pretend that the two of us are very close. She can understand that I’ve got a lot of preselection from the other girl – and of course, it gives us an excuse to go away and talk for a while.

Now this is a situation that a lot of girls are going to be familiar with the other way around. They’ll often look at a guy they’re interested in talking to and get him to save the from a guy that they don’t want to talk to. By recreating this situation in reverse, the girl’s going to feel a connection to you because she’s probably been in that situation before and now that she’s on the receiving end of it, she’s feeling like it’s her position to return the favor to somebody else; but of course, you get the benefit of that return favor.

It’s a little it of a complicated technique but all the best things usually are. If you’re looking for other simpler ways of making this work or even an more of an in-depth understanding of why that’s so powerful, I’ve added some resources in the description below. All you have to do is click on those links and it will take you through all the information that you need.
That’s about it from me, see you next time.

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I went from really not knowing any part of anything to really understanding from front to back how to work through getting a girl to notice you, to going to wherever you really want to go.

Testimonial 2:
For those of you that are only interested in results, I’ll just break it down: Kissing 4 or 5 different girls, went home with ne girl, went to a house party with another couple of girls; there are threesomes going on… It’s all just a bit too much to take in right now, it’s getting emotional. But anyone who’s thinking of investing in this, certainly it’s the best money I’ve ever spent in my life.


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