Delaying Sex Makes For A Better Relationship

There is new research suggesting that couples who delay having sex for the first time have a better and longer lasting relationship than those who have sex on the first date or within the first month of a new relationship.

The study, carried out by Brigham Young University, found that couples who had sex the earliest in their relationship also had the worst relationship outcomes. Research conducted in the past shows that there are two schools of thought when it comes to sex and its effects on a relationship.

The first being, that sex is essential to a relationship as it allows the couple to assess each others sexual compatibility. If this school of thought is to be believed then it would be likely that couples who didn’t have sex before marriage would likely have issues further down the road. The second view is that couples who abstain from sex early in their relationship will develop a deeper connection as they are not relying on sex to become close to each other.

This new research indicates that it is better for a relationship if sex is delayed. This doesn’t necessarily mean waiting till after marriage but at least allowing enough time for the couple to get to know each other well enough to trust one another.


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