Direct & Indirect Game — 2 Powers Combined!

This video explains how two different styles of game can be combined into one super powerhouse of a game. By combining direct game with indirect game you can have incredibly natural interactions that still convey truckloads of attraction.

Indirect game, where you get to know the other person for a while before dating, takes longer. Direct game cuts more quickly to the chase. Yet some people greatly prefer one approach over the other so you need to know how to tell who’s who…

Or do you?

How about if I hand you a way of MERGING direct and indirect game into one catch-all technique that works regardless of the other person’s strong preference for one over the over… right now… with some tips and techniques you can use immediately today… and don’t be surprised if you get a date in just minutes.

Everything you need to go out and start practicing the combined technique is right here in this brief video. So just take five minutes right now to watch it and decide what you want to do with this for yourself.

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