How to Attract a Girl

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In this video I’m going to be showing you one of the easiest ways that you can

learn how to attract a girl. One of the biggest keys to triggering attraction that

psychologists have discovered is preselection.

They’ve actually done studies where they take a photograph of a guy; they show

it to girls and say, “On a scale of one to 10 how attractive is this guy?” When they

take the same photo and show it to other girls and say, “How attractive is this

married guy?” the guy typically scores two points higher on a scale out of 10 for


You’ve probably been aware that whenever you’re in a relationship with

somebody, you find it a lot easier to attract girls than when you’re single. In fact, I

think this is one of those worldwide known phenomena that whenever you’re in a

relationship it’s easier and whenever your not, you struggle.

That’s because preselection is one of the biggest triggers of attraction. After all,

if one girl had already decided that you’re worth dating, it makes sense tat other

girls don’t even have to worry about whether you’re the kind of person that they

want to date because at the end of the day, somebody else has already decided

to date you – so you must be somebody worth dating.

The real question though is how can you use this so that you can attract a girl?

One of the fastest and easiest ways to use this technique is when you’re going

out and looking to meet a girl, don’t go out with wing men, go out with wing girls.

Find some girls that are going to be willing to go out with you on your evenings

out and that way when other girls see you, they’re going to assume that you’re

already with these other girls so you’re naturally going to have preselection. Then

when you start talking to them, they’re going to feel comfortable; they’re going to

trust talking to you because you’re already hanging around with girls and at that

point when they find out that you’re single, all of the attraction that’s built up can

actually get used towards you and set you up on a relationship with them.

So remember, the number one key for how to attract a girl is to use preselection.

Now if you’d like some additional techniques and tips that can help you learn how

to attract a girl, I’ve put some resources in the description below. So be sure to

click on that, check it out and I’ll see you soon.

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