How to pick up women

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In this video we’re going to talk about how to pick girls. Now I think a lot of guys

are inhibited and scared when it comes to actually going up and picking up

women. It seems like this massive hurdle that they just can’t get over and that

women are these strange creatures that it’s really difficult to get a relationship


The truth is, women aren’t against you. In fact, there are just as many girls out

there looking for guys as there are guys looking for girls. The problem is, most

girls won’t make that initial approach. So instead they just kind of stand around

or hang out with their friends being awkward, hoping that a guy will come up and

approach them.

Now it’s true that there are sometimes girls in those groups that when a guy

approaches, she’s just not that interested and she gets rid of him. But it’s also

true that sometimes when a guy approaches, the girl just doesn’t know how to

keep the conversation going. She gets shy and she gets awkward and because

she’s being silent, the guy assumes she isn’t interested and he walks away.

If you really want to learn how to pick up girls, the number one and the best way

to guarantee that you improve your dating life with girls is to actually do it – just

start approaching them. If you just increase the amount of girls you speak to on

a daily basis, your success rate and your chance of picking up girls is going to

drastically improve.

If you think about it, say you were one of the worst guys in the world when it

came to attracting women and you had, say, only a 1% success rate. That

means that within a hundred days or just over three months, you would still have

managed to attract a girl that you were interested in picking up. So just a 1%

success rate gives you one girl every three months or so… which works out to be

4 girls a year, which works out within three years to be 12 girls. And considering

that the average guy only ends up dating about 7 girls in his lifetime, it means

that with just a 1% success rate, you would be the average male on the planet –

yes, it really is that easy.

But the truth is, most people actually have a great learning curve. If you just go

out there on a regular basis and make it a point to talk to maybe 2 or 3 girls a

day, you’re probably going to find that within 3 months your success rate has

actually skyrocketed. Within 6 months it’s going to be up even further.

If I was to tell you that when I first started doing this I was really bad when it

came to talking to girls and yet within a year I was getting results that more

people can’t even believe that they’d be capable of getting; it shows you just how

fast you could improve.

So my number one tips when it comes to picking up girls is actually to just go out

there and do it! Even if the only thing you’re saying is, “Hi, nice to meet you” and

swapping names. Just that alone is probably going to significantly increase your


Now it’s true that maybe you’re watching this and maybe you do already do that

and you’re looking for some other techniques; maybe some different things you

could say or maybe even learning how to transition past that very first initial line,

or maybe you’re just looking at some great date places and some easy ways to

bring a girl back to your place.

If you’re interested in any of these topics and a bunch of others, I’ve added some

links below with some resources for where you can find more information about

how to generate that kind of attraction and how to control the situations and of

course, how to pick up girls more easily. So feel free to check out the links below

with the other resources and see you in the next video.

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The most valuable thing that I got out of it was the infield feedback that I got

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before and then I was having my first make out ever on the second night so it

was incredible. And that was all thanks to Adam’s live feedback.

Testimonial 2:

I’ve never been able to get a one night stand and I’ve wanted that; I’ve really

wanted it so that was kind of my main goal here. Amazingly enough I actually got

it during the boot camp which was amazing. it transformed my whole way I think

about game.


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