How to talk to girls EP1: Compliment Opener – PUA student gets Live Feedback

I want to make you good.
Really good.
I think I’ve worked out a way.

There are literally
Tens of thousands of guys
on this list, who want advice
because I get tons of emails every day
from people looking for dating advice.

And let’s be honest – theory is good
But Live Training is the best!

But how do you help 30,000 people
learn live training over the internet?

You can get free Live Feedback
on your infield game.

All you have to do is send me a video
of you practicing some game infield
and I’ll select the best ones
And give them a live commentary
With a list of all the improvements
you could try.

This is completely FREE of Charge!

Just send your videos to us at

Watch the video for more details and to see the first one.

Let me help your game grow!

Send the video in ASAP!

(You can use free websites like or to send large files.)

– Adam

If you’re not sure exactly what to practice, or if you need some structure and organization to help you organize your practicing, all you have to do is check out the VIP Membership for a huge pile of help.



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