How to Talk to Girls

Learn effective techniques that work on how to pick up women from one of the world’s leading experts in attraction, dating coach Adam Lyons. His techniques have been tested and taught all over the world, and he has trained thousands of people and helped them drastically improve their dating lives.

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How to Get Girls

In this video I’m going to be showing you how to het girls. I think one of the

biggest problems guys have when they’re out and about looking to try and get

girls is they have no idea which girls are actually interested in them. When you

think about it, when you’re out walking in the street, you probably go across

countless girls during your day. But how do you know which ones are genuinely

attracted to you and which ones aren’t after all, if you knew the ones were

attracted to you and you liked them as well, of course that would be really easy to build up.

One of the fastest ways to learn how to get girls is to spot signs of attraction.

These are key nonverbal triggers that girls send out towards a guy that they’re

attracted to, to let him know that they’re willing to be approached – and most

guys don’t know how to spot these. And to be honest with you, there are a lot of

them. But to give you just a few simple ones to look for:

The first thing you’re looking for is a coy smile. This one is where a girl will be

looking away from you and then she’ll look back at you and then away ; you get

repeated looks like this, each one lasting less than three seconds. If occasionally

those looks are coupled with a smile, you’ve got a girl who’s looking for you to

approach her. Don’t make her wait. Go straight up top her and approach.

Another sign of attraction is a girl fixing her hair multiple times in 30 seconds.

Occasionally a girl’s hair will get in her face and she’ll brush her hair back behind

her ear. If she does that multiple times within 30 seconds while looking at you,

again it’s another sign of attraction and yes, she’s interested in talking to you.

Finally, one of the last ones to be watching for is proximity. If you notice that a girl

appears to go out of her way to come and stand nearby you and she speaks a

little bit louder casting her eyes towards you while being in your vicinity then once

again, she is interested on you talking to her.

But as you’ll notice with all of these things, if you do want to get that girl, you

are going to have to initiate the conversation. Most girls, especially in modern

times are unlikely to initiate the conversation, meaning it’s going to be down

to you to get that conversation started. Simply move over next to her, start the

conversation and you’ll probably find that it goes incredibly well based on the fact

that she’s already given you those signs of attraction.

If you’re looking for exactly what to say and how to go about doing things, I’ve

placed some resources in the description below. All you have to do is click on

that link, read it through and you’ll have a whole bunch of different ways to get

conversations started and to know how to carry the conversation on.

See you guys I the next video.


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