Men lose their minds speaking to attractive women.

Researchers who carried out this study, published in the journal of Experimental and Social Psychology, found

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that men who spend just a few minutes talking to an attractive woman performed less well in tests that measure

brain functioning than those who talked to unattractive women.

Researchers believe the reason for this may be that men use so much brain power for ‘cognitive resources’ (trying to impress) that they have little left for other tasks, like memory. This may be because evolutionarily men are programmed to think more about mating opportunities than women.

The study was begun after a psychologist at Radboud University was trying so hard to impress a woman that he forgot his own address. Wanting to know the reason for this phenomenon, forty male heterosexual volunteers were gathered for the study. Each volunteer performed a standard memory test to get a base score. They then spent several minutes chatting with female researchers and took another memory test. The results showed that the men were slower and less accurate after trying to impress the women, the more attracted they were to a woman the worse their score became.

When the same experiment was repeated with female volunteers the scores remained the same whether they were talking to attractive men or women.

The conclusion is that men are programmed to think about ways to pass on their genes!

See more of the article here.

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