Nature’s Secret for Getting Past 1st Base

What is nature’s secret to getting past first base? It all begins with the nose.

How to get past first base?

The nose is the second most important organ of the body when it comes to reproduction. The nose owes this great status to the phenomenon of pheromones.  Pheromones are airborne chemical messengers emitted by both males and females of a species that elicit responses in other animals of the same species.

Nature provides many examples of the pheromone phenomenon for us to study, such as male pigs. When they exhale males pigs breath contains a compound of pheromones called 5-alpha-androstenol which is a potent steroid that female pigs react very strongly to sexually.  It is because of this response in female pigs that they are used to hunt truffles which also happen to exude a chemical identical to 5-alpha-androstenol.

In humans the effect of pheromone exchange between the sexes is revealed physiologically and behaviorally.  It’s well known that women who live together eventually begin to sync up in their menstrual cycles.  Some studies also show that the simple smell of a man’s pheromone filled sweat can cause regulation of a woman’s irregular cycles. Scientists also believe that the pheromone communication between men and women is in part a cause for feelings of love, gut reactions, and choices in a mate.

A pair of minuscule pits within the nose are called the vomeronasal organ or VMO.  The VMO is composed of cells that, when exposed to pheromones, send chemical messages  past the thinking part of the brain to the hypothalamus or primal brain.  The hypothalamus controls metabolism, hormone production, fear, aggression, and sex drive.  So these messages can take us down the path of not so clear thinking which is the hallmark of falling in love.

This brings us back to nature’s secret of getting past first base, it’s all linked to the pheromones. Yes the armpits and groin are potent pheromone emitting regions of the body but it turns out the most potent region is the nasal sulcus or the area of skin between the upper lip and the base of the nose.  This small area releases a large amount of pheromones during a kiss.  So the secret of getting past first base may rest upon how well our pheromones smell to each other while on first base.

In a recent study using fruit flies, researches found that males and females responded more favorably to the younger smelling pheromones of both sexes even when these pheromones were applied to older fruit flies. This is because the the younger fruit flies pheromones smelled more sexually attractive and as the fruit flies age the chemical make-up of the pheromones change.

“We’re excited about these results because they may help us leverage our knowledge of the mechanisms that drive the aging process. This research indicates that the mechanisms important for aging also influence outward attractiveness,” says Pletcher. “Our hope is we can take a trait like attractiveness and study the connection between attractiveness and health.”

So the secret of getting past first base? Getting to first base and seeing how the other person smells!
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