NEVER Be Ashamed to Game

Hey man,

I try to keep the fact that I’m a pickup artist to myself when I talk to women. Not because I’m ashamed of it, but because that name has a lot to defend. When I tell someone what I do, I make sure to arm myself for defense from the stereotypes that are associated.

  • Manipulative
  • Player
  • Tricks
  • Great Sex

All misconceptions! (Besides that last one, I hear that one is true…)

Pickup artists each have their own style of game. Some is good, some is not so good and gives the rest of us a bad rep.

I know when I go out and what I teach my students is try to leave a girl better than she was when you found her.

Other guys teach their students how to be a douchebag to get girls. I don’t teach that.

Yes, there could be some effectiveness in being a douchebag to get girls, but it doesn’t leave them better than when you found them.

Instead of tearing her down so that she knows you have better value than her, I teach how to have so much value, that you can show her you have it by giving her some too. Instead of tearing your wingman down so you look alpha, I teach to build him up so you both look powerful.

If you are giving the value, people will see that you have it.

The fact is, pick up is based around the idea that you have emotions for this woman, and you want her to have the same emotions for you. Is there a way to make sure that these emotions are reciprocated?

That’s called game.

You have lust and desires for her, you want her to have them for you. Simple enough.

So what do women want?

That’s the million dollar question.

From what I’ve learned, they want the same thing that you do.

So at the same time that you are trying to make them sync up to your emotions, they are trying the same thing! Maybe on you, maybe on your friend, or maybe on another guy in the room.

So that is why you should never be afraid about seducing a girl, you have no reason to be. That kind of fear comes from a shame of being caught. Who cares if you get caught?

Everybody games. You are just learning to be better than most.

Reframe every situation to fit your self image. Don’t let others reframe you. That is where true confidence comes from is a strong frame of the world.

For now, know that while you are out talking to women, you shouldn’t be afraid to be caught gaming or using lines or anything of the sort. You are being social, seducing women who have been seducing men who have been seducing them for hundreds of years. It’s always been a game so there’s nothing new about it.

Frame your lust and desire in such a way that it becomes her lust and desire as well. That’s your advice this week. It’s difficult to explain in an email so if you want to have it broken down and explained much easier, you can check it out in Understand Attraction.

For something quick that you can try tonight. Try to call her out on being a pickup artist. Tell her all about how she made eyes at you and drew you in and made you say hi. Tease her about how you’ve noticed the way she keeps smiling and looking away and that it must be her way to make you try harder to chase her.

That’s a quick example of how to reframe her reality to match yours.





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