How to Approach Women

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How to Approach Women
In this video we’re going to be talking about how to approach women. Now when you’re walking down the street, you’re going to see a lot of beautiful girls and you’ve probably wondered, ‘how do I go about starting that conversation?’ One of the key things you have to do is actually get them to stop so they want to talk to you and the mistake that most people make when they try and talk to somebody in the street is they don’t give them enough time to slow down.
Just like a car, a human being has a stopping distance. When you first lean out to go and talk to somebody, you have to give them enough time to slow down their pace so they can actually stop and hear you. Otherwise, what happens is that as they slow down they go past you, and at that point it’s easier for them to keep walking than it is for them to turn around and start talking to you.
That stopping distance is about 12 feet. So when you first start to approach somebody walking towards you on the street, you want to make sure you’ve got about a 12-foot distance between you before you start actually having a conversation with them. Then start that initial conversation usually just by opening your hands and saying whatever it is that you want to say, and that gives you a nice 12 feet so both of you can slow down and you’ll probably find that you stop comfortably right in front of each other.
Now the alternate situation you might find yourself in is when the girl that you’re interested in talking to is actually in front of you. At this point, you never want to approach somebody from behind. Approaching from behind doesn’t let them see you coming and it can freak them out which can actually make them feel a little bit awkward when you go and talk to them.
The easiest way to approach somebody from behind is – believe it or not – to walk in front of them. Take the time to just take two or three steps in front of the person then turn around over your shoulder and start the conversation from there. You don’t have to worry about stopping distance so much this time as you’re both already walking in the same direction; so they don’t have to worry about slowing down and going past you, since as you guys slow down, you should slow down together and it should bring you both to a nice, comfortable stopping point.
Now if you’re looking for exactly what to say or how to keep the conversation going, don’t worry about it. I’ve placed some links below that have some resources, some information that can help you get started in how to start that conversation and how to keep it going. So feel free to check those links out and I’ll see you in another video.

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Emotional Opposites Attract

It’s something we hear over and over again, “Opposites attract.”  Nothing can be more frustrating than when an emotionally giving types pairs up with a reserved type. Psychologists say we look for our opposites in partners to fill in the experiences we lack in our lives.

communicate your needs

In the psychology field, these different ways of relating are called “attachment style,” and they are partly learned and partly genetic. Amir Levine, a psychiatrist and neuroscientist at Columbia University in New York, identifies three types of attachment styles: Secure, Anxious and Avoidant. Secure people make up over half the population and are typically comfortable with intimacy.

Those with an Anxious attachment style, about 20% of the population, often worry about their relationship and whether their partner loves them. They typically are emotionally giving and love to show and receive affection. Those with an Avoidant attachment style, about 25% of the population, may love deeply, but they are uncomfortable showing it. Often, they rely on their partner to initiate a display of affection. Sometimes, they don’t even enjoy receiving expressions of love and may tend to minimize closeness with others.

So giving types are initially attracted to reserved types and vice versa because they are so different.  Givers find reserved partners intriguing and want to draw affection from someone who doesn’t show it easily and reserved types often want to be drawn out of their shells.  Over time though these two types can develop relationship problems.  The giver can start to seem needy so the reserved partner reacts by distancing themselves which makes the giver give more in an effort to gain back the affection.

The good news is that attachment style can change. Whether you and your partner are opposites or not as long as you both can communicate your needs and wants the relationship can flourish. Experts say couples need to tell each other what they want and be specific!

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Nature’s Secret for Getting Past 1st Base

What is nature’s secret to getting past first base? It all begins with the nose.

How to get past first base?

The nose is the second most important organ of the body when it comes to reproduction. The nose owes this great status to the phenomenon of pheromones.  Pheromones are airborne chemical messengers emitted by both males and females of a species that elicit responses in other animals of the same species.

Nature provides many examples of the pheromone phenomenon for us to study, such as male pigs. When they exhale males pigs breath contains a compound of pheromones called 5-alpha-androstenol which is a potent steroid that female pigs react very strongly to sexually.  It is because of this response in female pigs that they are used to hunt truffles which also happen to exude a chemical identical to 5-alpha-androstenol.

In humans the effect of pheromone exchange between the sexes is revealed physiologically and behaviorally.  It’s well known that women who live together eventually begin to sync up in their menstrual cycles.  Some studies also show that the simple smell of a man’s pheromone filled sweat can cause regulation of a woman’s irregular cycles. Scientists also believe that the pheromone communication between men and women is in part a cause for feelings of love, gut reactions, and choices in a mate.

A pair of minuscule pits within the nose are called the vomeronasal organ or VMO.  The VMO is composed of cells that, when exposed to pheromones, send chemical messages  past the thinking part of the brain to the hypothalamus or primal brain.  The hypothalamus controls metabolism, hormone production, fear, aggression, and sex drive.  So these messages can take us down the path of not so clear thinking which is the hallmark of falling in love.

This brings us back to nature’s secret of getting past first base, it’s all linked to the pheromones. Yes the armpits and groin are potent pheromone emitting regions of the body but it turns out the most potent region is the nasal sulcus or the area of skin between the upper lip and the base of the nose.  This small area releases a large amount of pheromones during a kiss.  So the secret of getting past first base may rest upon how well our pheromones smell to each other while on first base.

In a recent study using fruit flies, researches found that males and females responded more favorably to the younger smelling pheromones of both sexes even when these pheromones were applied to older fruit flies. This is because the the younger fruit flies pheromones smelled more sexually attractive and as the fruit flies age the chemical make-up of the pheromones change.

“We’re excited about these results because they may help us leverage our knowledge of the mechanisms that drive the aging process. This research indicates that the mechanisms important for aging also influence outward attractiveness,” says Pletcher. “Our hope is we can take a trait like attractiveness and study the connection between attractiveness and health.”

So the secret of getting past first base? Getting to first base and seeing how the other person smells!
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Women smell more attractive at different times of the month.

According to a study done by the Department of Anthropology at Charles University, Prague.  A woman’s scent is more attractive to men at certain times during her cycle.

Mysterious Pheromones

“We were interested whether armpit odor changes across menstrual cycle” said study author Jan Havlieek.  To test this theory a group of women wore absorbent pads under their arms during their three different monthly phases.  During this period the women did not wear perfumes, or deodorants, eat spicy foods, smoke, drink, or use hormonal medications as these would effect the scent molecules given off.

A woman’s 28 day cycle includes three different monthly phases and begins on the first day of menstruation, when blood and tissue are shed from the womb.  The next phase is the follicular phase when the egg grows and becomes ready to implant in the uterus.  The fertile phase begins when the egg is released from the ovaries and travels towards the uterus to be fertilized (or not).

The study found that men find women’s odors during the second phase, the follicular phase, the most attractive, and subtle.  The least attractive scents for men came from women during the menstruation phase.

The study also found that the attractiveness of a woman’s face changes during the different phases.  Men again found a women’s face more attractive during the follicular phase as opposed to the menstruation and fertile phases.

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To get more dating advice, check out my 6-video DVD training series and book called Street Seduce. This program sells for $47, but right now it’s available to you as a complimentary digital download when you join my website! It contains the core building blocks of my entire approach to becoming exceedingly effective at making it with the opposite sex. Don’t miss this! Just enter your email address so I know exactly where to send the entire Street Seduce training package to you right away with my compliments.

Men lose their minds speaking to attractive women.

Researchers who carried out this study, published in the journal of Experimental and Social Psychology, found

....I can't remember my name....

that men who spend just a few minutes talking to an attractive woman performed less well in tests that measure

brain functioning than those who talked to unattractive women.

Researchers believe the reason for this may be that men use so much brain power for ‘cognitive resources’ (trying to impress) that they have little left for other tasks, like memory. This may be because evolutionarily men are programmed to think more about mating opportunities than women.

The study was begun after a psychologist at Radboud University was trying so hard to impress a woman that he forgot his own address. Wanting to know the reason for this phenomenon, forty male heterosexual volunteers were gathered for the study. Each volunteer performed a standard memory test to get a base score. They then spent several minutes chatting with female researchers and took another memory test. The results showed that the men were slower and less accurate after trying to impress the women, the more attracted they were to a woman the worse their score became.

When the same experiment was repeated with female volunteers the scores remained the same whether they were talking to attractive men or women.

The conclusion is that men are programmed to think about ways to pass on their genes!

See more of the article here.

To get more dating advice, check out my 6-video DVD training series and book called Street Seduce. This program sells for $47, but right now it’s available to you as a complimentary digital download when you join my website! It contains the core building blocks of my entire approach to becoming exceedingly effective at making it with the opposite sex. Don’t miss this! Just enter your email address so I know exactly where to send the entire Street Seduce training package to you right away with my compliments.

Tips for Looking Great Naked

It can be nerve wracking getting naked in front of someone for the first time especially when we tend to focus on all the things we think are wrong with our bodies.  Instead, think about the feature you like most and begin to appreciate your nakedness!  Here are a few tips on how to look your best when getting naked in front of that special someone.Feel good naked!

1) Exercise  can not only help you get to a more comfortable size but it can also increase your flexibility, stamina, and confidence level.  In addition to toning your muscles and skin , exercise will help your posture.  Naked or not, good posture is attractive.

2) Take care of your skin, it covers your entire body!  Of course there are the normal routines: exfoliating dead skin cells , shaving and waxing any unflattering hair, and moisturizing (men too!); but also think about taking a daily vitamin and fish oil supplement. Vitamins and minerals contain vital nutrients that contribute to healthy skin cells and hair cells, and fish oil works wonders on dry skin and membranes.

3) Style your hair, it’s the only thing you’ll be wearing in the buff!! Make sure to get a cut that suits the shape of your face and more importantly your personality.  Keep it free of tangles and try not to use anything sticky in your hair so it will be touch-ably soft.

4) Proper Hygiene is a big one! Be careful to trim and shape jagged nails, you don’t want to scratch or poke anyone while you’re being intimate.  Also beware of any strong smells that might be lingering on your hands, like garlic or onions and be sure to wash them off.  Of course check your breath and teeth for stains and stuck foods.

5) Scent plays a major role in the attraction process so make sure you smell delicious.  However DO NOT over power others with too much fragrance or use too many different smelling products (shampoo, deodorant, soap, and lotion) on your body.  Choose a single scent to use for your products or unscented products with a small amount of perfume or cologne.  Remember you want someone within two feet before they catch your scent so they’ll want to get closer for more.

6) Adjust the lighting if you can. No one looks good in bright fluorescent light. Try installing soft lamp lighting or sitting by the fire or candle light.  This will greatly improve the setting and mood.

7) Adjust the room temperature before hand.  Remember you want to be comfortable naked not shivering under a blanket or sweating profusely.

8) Finally just feel good about being naked!  Practice if you have to, to get this one down.  Cook or clean in the nude to get use to the feeling.  Try going to a naked yoga class or sunning in the backyard.  Get a massage or go to a nude bath house.  Just remember no one’s body is perfect!
To get more dating advice, check out my 6-video DVD training series and book called Street Seduce. This program sells for $47, but right now it’s available to you as a complimentary digital download when you join my website! It contains the core building blocks of my entire approach to becoming exceedingly effective at making it with the opposite sex. Don’t miss this! Just enter your email address so I know exactly where to send the entire Street Seduce training package to you right away with my compliments.

Would You Want to Marry A 16 Year Old Blonde Bombshell Like Courtney Stodden? If So, Read On!

Many people would be hard pressed to believe that Courtney Stodden is 16 years old, let alone happily married to a 51 year old actor who specializes in minor supporting acting roles.

Courtney is said to have met actor Doug Hutchison at his acting workshops after an introduction through a mutual friend. Courtney, a country singer and budding actress has made numerous references to how Doug is a “Tiger in the bedroom.” Not a bad report for a 51 year old. Although, the compliment does lose some credibility coming from a 16 year old girl with no prior experience in the bedroom. Courtney waited until she got married before losing her virginity, which was not too long of a wait for her as it turns out.

After professing their love for each other over what amount to a very brief period of time, the couple made the decision to get married, one that Courtney seems incredibly happy with. There are numerous images of the smitten 16 year old staring at Doug with a look that, to be fair, would get most men steaming from the ears. They had a beautiful wedding in Las Vegas with full permission from Courtney’s mother, Krista. Marriage under the age of 18 is not permitted in Nevada without parental consent.

It should be clarified at this point that Doug is not exactly a big actor. Sure he’s worked on some big name films and TV shows, but when your career apex to date is playing Horace on Lost, you’re not exactly getting fan mail by the mother load from hot ladies based on the sex appeal of your roles.

If we momentarily ignore whether their relationship is right or wrong,  we can start trying to understand this story from a dating point-of-view and discover exactly what factors helped  51 year old Doug date and then marry a 16 year old Courtney in the first place.

Exactly what did help a middle aged man with a slightly better than average acting career score a sweet sixteen super hottie?

There are a number of key factors that probably helped bring these two together, the biggest of which is probably status and leadership, though not specifically due to Doug being a somewhat successful actor.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to dating is building up preconceived situations that are inaccurate and unhelpful. For example, Doug got a hottie because he’s a famous actor and she’s a dumb 16 year old. Firstly, while this may or may not be somewhat true, it doesn’t truly help you understand exactly what may be going on here. The assumption is far too generic and ignores some pretty big factors.

For starters, not all hot 16 year old girls marry older guys. Would you consider someone who is building a country music career dumb for getting into a relationship with someone in the film industry in Hollywood? Also, not all 51 year old actors with minor roles are in relationships, let alone with hot girls.

When we’re trying to learn from a situation, it pays to develop an attitude that is curious rather than dismissive or judgmental. This way, you can look at the facts of the situation and see what elements are there that could help us learn and duplicate the behavior in other situations with people we would be attracted to.

Now we know status is a big factor in female attraction. We don’t have to look further than a 1994 study into female behavior in monogamous relationships and the chances of straying by Kenrick for evidence of that. All we have to do is find the factors that contribute towards Doug’s status to see which can be duplicated. At this point I can almost hear people crying, “What! I have to become a massive film actor to get a hot girl! How is that easy for me to duplicate?”

Personally, I don’t believe that Doug’s fame is the prime factor. I think the fact that he is a big actor is just the reason that we have heard about it. The bigger factor in my mind is Dark Water, a production company that Doug created and owns. A film company, that after a quick Google search, doesn’t appear to actually have produced any films. Rather it has a bunch of works in progress. There’s a TV series outlined here,  a trailer for a film with no substantial footage there, and a quick check of Courtney Stodden’s website reveals that in fact Dark Water is also the contact for her music. For me this is the real factor in attraction.

Sure, the fame Doug’s had is appealing, however the owner of a production company who can help Courtney achieve her career is a lot more appealing. Look at the heaps of wannabe and famous singers and actors before her that have developed romantic relationships with their managers and producers. Shania Twain and Christina Aguilera to name just a few.

Women are attracted to status as it can help them advance themselves. Now in some situations, status alone is a factor for attraction, but for girls who are trying to build a career for themselves, enablers — people who can help others achieve something for themselves — are even more attractive. Being Married to Doug doesn’t just mean she gets a husband, it means Courtney gets a guarantee that Doug will be motivated to help her career and push her to success over other people he knows or may meet. He’ll use his contacts, his energy and his career to help catapult her career — that just got a boost due to their very public marriage —  to success.

We should also at this point pay extra attention to how they met.  Doug was running an acting workshop helping actors develop their careers and make it in Tinseltown. I’ll repeat that, Doug was RUNNING a workshop. Once again, his status is elevated during their interactions as he is perceived in her world as an expert on how to be an actor.

So here we have a number of key contributing factors, Doug’s  success, his ability to teach her how to be successful via his workshop, and finally his ability to enable her to be successful via his production company. Doug’s proven to be successful and has the means to make Courtney successful — all key elements that would greatly increase her attraction to him. Add the close proximity and familiarity they would have built throughout working on the workshop together, and you have a heavy chemical mix that’s highly likely to result in a relationship. She’s physically attractive which triggers attraction in him being male and all, and he satisfies her needs from a status point of view.

Now the real question is how can this help you?

Well, a lot of this is actually very possible to duplicate. Dark Water films is essentially a Facebook page, an AOL email address, a MySpace page and that’s all. It’s not a big corporation with big movies behind it, just one guys personal ambition, a few simple social media sites, and his spare time being put into a hobby that he hopes will be a success some day.

One of the big things we teach on our courses is the importance of having ambition and how that can trigger attraction. Yet how many of you actually bother to do that? Most guys don’t just want a girl, they want a girl who has similar interests to them. If you have ambition, something that you really want to achieve, and you actually take the time to turn that ambition into something that you’re in charge of and control, you’ve given yourself instant status, even if only in that particular situation. If that situation is something that is appealing to a girl, then you’re going to find yourself being a very sought after man indeed.

Now this isn’t completely passive. You’re still going to need to know how to meet or talk to someone in order to capitalize on the attraction that you’re building. However, you are going to find the whole situation a lot easier if you’re the leader and enabler for the others who follow you into your ambition.

This is nothing new here. We’re all aware of how producers have used the “casting couch” to seduce women throughout the ages, however many people don’t realize how this often extends well outside of the film and music industry. I know of a girl right now who has just managed to get a career as an investment banker due to dating a high profile banker in the city.

But what if you’re not a high rolling banker or actor? What could you do to build attraction through ambition. Below I’ve detailed a number of situations that you could look into if you’re struggling for ideas.

1. Photographer – building a portfolio of hot models to help them further their careers
2. Writer – finding interesting people to write about
3. Movie Critic – looking for people to give their real life opinions on films each week
4. Poet – looking for a muse, or fans to see the shows
5. Small Business Advisor – trying to help people set up their first web business
6. Martial Arts Instructor – teaching women how to defend themselves or become instructors themselves
7. Real Estate Advisor – teaching people how to flip their first property
8. Mini Beauty Pageant – you get to judge your local high street hotties (Courtney was also a pageant queen)

The list could go on.

Anytime you can arrange a situation where you are a leader of a group with a level of expertise, you’re going to come across as more attractive than in any other situation. The other benefit from this is that it enables you to naturally meet new people through friends. Doug was introduced to Courtney through a friend that had heard of his workshops and thought that she may be interested in them. Having ambition and working towards a goal that your passionate about will primarily develop your life socially which is why your attraction will blossom naturally from building such a lifestyle.

Now, as mentioned before, you do still need to know how to capitalize on this natural attraction. If you still aren’t sure of the best way to increase the basic attraction that you have already gained the instant foundation for, then you could get yourself stuck in the friend-zone simply helping girls out, but never actually getting into a relationship with them. Techniques such as building investment and escalating are simple ways to ensure that the relationship is moving towards a more romantic or sexual nature and guaranteeing that you actually build the relationship you want.

If you’re unsure of the best way to do this, I have a simple DVD and accompanying book program known as Street Seduce that normally retails for around $47 which you can have the digital version of 100% free of charge. Just add your details in the box below and I’ll be sure to send it to you.

The program shows you step by step how you can get to talking to a girl you’re attracted to in a way that will get her attracted to you in return, how to get a girl to invest effort into speaking to you so you don’t have to carry all the weight of the conversation, and, more importantly, how to add the girl into your life as a romantic partner. The video also contains a demonstration of myself doing an approach in the street and building attraction with a girl within only a matter of a few minutes!

Just input your email into the box below and I’ll get it sent right to you.

Then just like Doug here you will be able to end up with a girl looking at you just like this….

10 Reasons Women Are Flaking On You

Man, I used to hate flaky women. Sometimes when I first started going out sarging, I’d come home with a pocket full of phone numbers thinking I had absolutely killed it that night, but after a couple of phone calls that weren’t answered, conversations that went flat, women who didn’t show or canceled last minute, and girls that didn’t seem to remember me, all those numbers would end up in the trash.

Getting a phone number is meaningless if you can’t make it to one of the next levels of closing. This drives guys crazy and often doesn’t have anything to do with the woman. Flaky people are just irritating, period! Still, in the interest of game, why do women flake?

Here are 10 reasons I’ve come across in my experience:

1. She only gave you her number because she was drunk

When you meet women at bars, it’s easier to get their numbers (or even take them home), but it’s also more likely that they’ll flake on you. The drool on her chin and overwhelming stench of alcohol perspiration could be the only reason she gave you her number. Maybe she would have given you her number anyhow, but she has no way of knowing because she honestly doesn’t remember. She might not even remember what you looked like or what you talked about, or simply say she doesn’t because she was drunk, even if being drunk had nothing to do with it. Bottom line, alcohol often equals flakes. So, if you’re only meeting women at bars, you will get your share of bogus phone numbers.

2. She sensed your inner game was off

Some guys ruin their chances of getting that meeting by being much too needy when they call. They get it in their head that since the girl has shown some interest by coughing up her digits, they can let their guard down. Others try to overcompensate for lack of inner game by being too cocky or seeking validation. Women are keen observers. They pick up on inner game issues quickly, which is why it’s one of the most – if not THE MOST – important thing to work on. A guy with weak inner game is a HUGE turn-off for women.

3. She has a boyfriend or is in love with someone else

Sometimes chicks will flake because they’re already in a relationship or infatuated with some other guy. Maybe she got caught up in the moment and cheating seemed like a good idea, but after mulling the idea over a little, she started having second thoughts. In the case of cheating, you’re probably better off anyways.

4. She’s intimidated

Did it ever occur to you women might be intimidated by YOU? She might be insecure, you might be coming on too strong, or maybe your confidence makes her nervous.

5. She thinks you’re a player

Some girls think all guys are players if they can be, and if you really lay the smooth guy approach on too thick, you could be killing your own chances.

6. She’s not attracted to you enough

If you don’t build enough attraction in the first meeting, there’s probably a 95% chance you’re not going to see her again. Attraction is the basis of seduction.
If you fail at attraction, she just won’t have the incentive to see you again.

7. She didn’t feel enough rapport

Sometimes, even when you do a good job building attraction, a woman still won’t come out to meet you because she just didn’t feel enough of a connection. Unlike guys who will often sleep with anyone that they are vaguely attracted to, women need a little something more.

8. Your game is inconsistent

If you’re new to game and have really been stepping outside the box to try new behaviors, you might be letting that go when you call, especially if you’ve been using alcohol as a crutch. Once you set the tone about who you are, how you act, and the nature of the relationship, you’ve got to stay consistent. If not, the best case scenario is she’ll be confused, but it’s more likely the spark will just fizzle out.

9. Someone or something better came along

Women get hit on all the time and basically have an unlimited number of options, and there’s always the chance that one came along that was better than you. Maybe some other guy she already sleeps with called. Maybe she met someone guy she was more attracted to. Or maybe it’s not even a guy, but something more appealing and fun than going on a date with someone she doesn’t really know.

10. She’s rude

Let’s face it, some people in this world are just plain rude. Shitty people of both sexes exist out there. Some women even go out and give guys their numbers because they WANT guys they never plan to sleep with chasing them around. It satisfies their ego and gives them something to talk about with their friends. No skin off your back. Women like this are bad news anyways. She might just be telling the truth. Things do come up — emergencies happen, prior engagements slip the mind, a cancellation is not always a lie…

Whatever the reasons, don’t take it personally — and NEVER SHOW THAT IT MADE YOU UPSET OR DISAPPOINTED. If she’s the type of person who can’t even give meeting you a chance, she’s not worth your time. Some people in this world just aren’t worth knowing, but never immediately assume the reasons are negative. As seen above, there are plenty of reasons that might have nothing to do with you. Give her a hard time — IN A PLAYFUL MANNER — and tell her she has to make up for it now. Again, say this in a joking, playful manner. Call her on her bullshit, but not in a way that makes it seem like you really care. If she’s interested, she’ll suggest another time to meet or at least take your bait. If not, oh well… NEXT!