Tips for Looking Great Naked

It can be nerve wracking getting naked in front of someone for the first time especially when we tend to focus on all the things we think are wrong with our bodies.  Instead, think about the feature you like most and begin to appreciate your nakedness!  Here are a few tips on how to look your best when getting naked in front of that special someone.Feel good naked!

1) Exercise  can not only help you get to a more comfortable size but it can also increase your flexibility, stamina, and confidence level.  In addition to toning your muscles and skin , exercise will help your posture.  Naked or not, good posture is attractive.

2) Take care of your skin, it covers your entire body!  Of course there are the normal routines: exfoliating dead skin cells , shaving and waxing any unflattering hair, and moisturizing (men too!); but also think about taking a daily vitamin and fish oil supplement. Vitamins and minerals contain vital nutrients that contribute to healthy skin cells and hair cells, and fish oil works wonders on dry skin and membranes.

3) Style your hair, it’s the only thing you’ll be wearing in the buff!! Make sure to get a cut that suits the shape of your face and more importantly your personality.  Keep it free of tangles and try not to use anything sticky in your hair so it will be touch-ably soft.

4) Proper Hygiene is a big one! Be careful to trim and shape jagged nails, you don’t want to scratch or poke anyone while you’re being intimate.  Also beware of any strong smells that might be lingering on your hands, like garlic or onions and be sure to wash them off.  Of course check your breath and teeth for stains and stuck foods.

5) Scent plays a major role in the attraction process so make sure you smell delicious.  However DO NOT over power others with too much fragrance or use too many different smelling products (shampoo, deodorant, soap, and lotion) on your body.  Choose a single scent to use for your products or unscented products with a small amount of perfume or cologne.  Remember you want someone within two feet before they catch your scent so they’ll want to get closer for more.

6) Adjust the lighting if you can. No one looks good in bright fluorescent light. Try installing soft lamp lighting or sitting by the fire or candle light.  This will greatly improve the setting and mood.

7) Adjust the room temperature before hand.  Remember you want to be comfortable naked not shivering under a blanket or sweating profusely.

8) Finally just feel good about being naked!  Practice if you have to, to get this one down.  Cook or clean in the nude to get use to the feeling.  Try going to a naked yoga class or sunning in the backyard.  Get a massage or go to a nude bath house.  Just remember no one’s body is perfect!
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