How a Stripper Gave Me Her Wages


Heya man,

I’m going to share a tip with you today that makes picking up strippers as easy as watching Breaking Bad.

Last night I was training a private client of mine in Austin, who wanted to learn how to pick up professional exotic dancers (strippers).

It’s not that he wants to date one. He just wondered if it was possible.

I told him, not only is it possible, but it’s easy. I then went on to hold down a conversation with the hottest girl in the club (I let him choose the girl he wanted me to talk to).

I had her desperately trying to work out what I do for a living. She was so desperate to work it out that she had forgotten to offer to give me a dance.

If you don’t know how it works, strippers pay to work in the club, so every song that goes by where she isn’t dancing for you, she’s losing money.

But she was so desperate to learn what I did for a living, she didn’t care. She was throwing herself at me, hitting me, hating on me for not telling her.

Eventually I gave her a chance.

Adam: I’ll give you a clue for every dollar you gave me.

She throws a dollar at me, and then another and another. Before I know it this chick was making it rain, all over me. (Ok maybe not that much, but she was paying me from the money she’d made that night.)

The student was shocked. He wanted to know the trick.

So I told him. The key to getting any kind of mercenary girl is to use conversation that appeals to the real girl, not the “working girl.”

Think about it, if you ask a stripper what she does for fun, she’ll say… I dance.

Ask her what she wants to do, she’ll say … Dance for you.

She has a bunch of pre-set answers for the common questions she gets asked. And it’s her stripper personality that’s replying. She knows her best chance to get money out of you is to keep you on task.


If you can get her to reply as her real self, she won’t think to ask you for a dance.


Because her real self has other things to do like groceries, laundry, errands, and of course… Watching TV.

If you can engage her in a conversation that hits on things her real self thinks about she’ll never ask you for a dance.

It’s obvious when you think about it.  Do you like talking about work when you’re in a deep conversation about the latest episode of your favorite TV show?

No one does!

Once I told him this, he had girls sitting in his lap for ages without ever asking for a dance.
You can do exactly the same thing with bartenders, shot girls, strippers and escorts. All you’ve got to do is follow the simple pattern that all conversations follow.

You can learn the pattern by clicking on this link.

Chat soon.


10 Reasons Women Are Flaking On You

Man, I used to hate flaky women. Sometimes when I first started going out sarging, I’d come home with a pocket full of phone numbers thinking I had absolutely killed it that night, but after a couple of phone calls that weren’t answered, conversations that went flat, women who didn’t show or canceled last minute, and girls that didn’t seem to remember me, all those numbers would end up in the trash.

Getting a phone number is meaningless if you can’t make it to one of the next levels of closing. This drives guys crazy and often doesn’t have anything to do with the woman. Flaky people are just irritating, period! Still, in the interest of game, why do women flake?

Here are 10 reasons I’ve come across in my experience:

1. She only gave you her number because she was drunk

When you meet women at bars, it’s easier to get their numbers (or even take them home), but it’s also more likely that they’ll flake on you. The drool on her chin and overwhelming stench of alcohol perspiration could be the only reason she gave you her number. Maybe she would have given you her number anyhow, but she has no way of knowing because she honestly doesn’t remember. She might not even remember what you looked like or what you talked about, or simply say she doesn’t because she was drunk, even if being drunk had nothing to do with it. Bottom line, alcohol often equals flakes. So, if you’re only meeting women at bars, you will get your share of bogus phone numbers.

2. She sensed your inner game was off

Some guys ruin their chances of getting that meeting by being much too needy when they call. They get it in their head that since the girl has shown some interest by coughing up her digits, they can let their guard down. Others try to overcompensate for lack of inner game by being too cocky or seeking validation. Women are keen observers. They pick up on inner game issues quickly, which is why it’s one of the most – if not THE MOST – important thing to work on. A guy with weak inner game is a HUGE turn-off for women.

3. She has a boyfriend or is in love with someone else

Sometimes chicks will flake because they’re already in a relationship or infatuated with some other guy. Maybe she got caught up in the moment and cheating seemed like a good idea, but after mulling the idea over a little, she started having second thoughts. In the case of cheating, you’re probably better off anyways.

4. She’s intimidated

Did it ever occur to you women might be intimidated by YOU? She might be insecure, you might be coming on too strong, or maybe your confidence makes her nervous.

5. She thinks you’re a player

Some girls think all guys are players if they can be, and if you really lay the smooth guy approach on too thick, you could be killing your own chances.

6. She’s not attracted to you enough

If you don’t build enough attraction in the first meeting, there’s probably a 95% chance you’re not going to see her again. Attraction is the basis of seduction.
If you fail at attraction, she just won’t have the incentive to see you again.

7. She didn’t feel enough rapport

Sometimes, even when you do a good job building attraction, a woman still won’t come out to meet you because she just didn’t feel enough of a connection. Unlike guys who will often sleep with anyone that they are vaguely attracted to, women need a little something more.

8. Your game is inconsistent

If you’re new to game and have really been stepping outside the box to try new behaviors, you might be letting that go when you call, especially if you’ve been using alcohol as a crutch. Once you set the tone about who you are, how you act, and the nature of the relationship, you’ve got to stay consistent. If not, the best case scenario is she’ll be confused, but it’s more likely the spark will just fizzle out.

9. Someone or something better came along

Women get hit on all the time and basically have an unlimited number of options, and there’s always the chance that one came along that was better than you. Maybe some other guy she already sleeps with called. Maybe she met someone guy she was more attracted to. Or maybe it’s not even a guy, but something more appealing and fun than going on a date with someone she doesn’t really know.

10. She’s rude

Let’s face it, some people in this world are just plain rude. Shitty people of both sexes exist out there. Some women even go out and give guys their numbers because they WANT guys they never plan to sleep with chasing them around. It satisfies their ego and gives them something to talk about with their friends. No skin off your back. Women like this are bad news anyways. She might just be telling the truth. Things do come up — emergencies happen, prior engagements slip the mind, a cancellation is not always a lie…

Whatever the reasons, don’t take it personally — and NEVER SHOW THAT IT MADE YOU UPSET OR DISAPPOINTED. If she’s the type of person who can’t even give meeting you a chance, she’s not worth your time. Some people in this world just aren’t worth knowing, but never immediately assume the reasons are negative. As seen above, there are plenty of reasons that might have nothing to do with you. Give her a hard time — IN A PLAYFUL MANNER — and tell her she has to make up for it now. Again, say this in a joking, playful manner. Call her on her bullshit, but not in a way that makes it seem like you really care. If she’s interested, she’ll suggest another time to meet or at least take your bait. If not, oh well… NEXT!