The Couple that Games Together, Stays Together.

Researchers at Brigham Young University have linked online gaming with marital dissatisfaction.

"Just 15 minutes, I've almost beat this level..."

349 couples that had at least one partner who played an online multiplayer role playing game, such as World of Warcraft,were surveyed about their relationship satisfaction.

The results showed that spouses who lose the attention of their significant other to gaming are not happy with their marriages.  Of those surveyed 65 percent of spouses who don’t play video games said they fight with their partner who does about the habit, and 75 percent said their spouses habit has affected their marriage for the worse.

Heade researcher Lundberg says “There’s a group of people out there we weren’t able to tap into. Interested spouses would say things like ‘I would love for my husband to take this survey, but there’s no way he’ll get off the computer long enough to take it.’ … You don’t want to take a survey on marital satisfaction when you’re on the verge of divorce.”

Before you get too anxious there is a ray of hope.  The survey found that couples who play together stay together.  74 percent of couples who played online multiplayer role playing games together found it had a positive impact on their marriage.

This confirms the idea that doing things together that both partners can enjoy helps to create bonding interactions that strengthen relationships.

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