How a Stripper Gave Me Her Wages


Heya man,

I’m going to share a tip with you today that makes picking up strippers as easy as watching Breaking Bad.

Last night I was training a private client of mine in Austin, who wanted to learn how to pick up professional exotic dancers (strippers).

It’s not that he wants to date one. He just wondered if it was possible.

I told him, not only is it possible, but it’s easy. I then went on to hold down a conversation with the hottest girl in the club (I let him choose the girl he wanted me to talk to).

I had her desperately trying to work out what I do for a living. She was so desperate to work it out that she had forgotten to offer to give me a dance.

If you don’t know how it works, strippers pay to work in the club, so every song that goes by where she isn’t dancing for you, she’s losing money.

But she was so desperate to learn what I did for a living, she didn’t care. She was throwing herself at me, hitting me, hating on me for not telling her.

Eventually I gave her a chance.

Adam: I’ll give you a clue for every dollar you gave me.

She throws a dollar at me, and then another and another. Before I know it this chick was making it rain, all over me. (Ok maybe not that much, but she was paying me from the money she’d made that night.)

The student was shocked. He wanted to know the trick.

So I told him. The key to getting any kind of mercenary girl is to use conversation that appeals to the real girl, not the “working girl.”

Think about it, if you ask a stripper what she does for fun, she’ll say… I dance.

Ask her what she wants to do, she’ll say … Dance for you.

She has a bunch of pre-set answers for the common questions she gets asked. And it’s her stripper personality that’s replying. She knows her best chance to get money out of you is to keep you on task.


If you can get her to reply as her real self, she won’t think to ask you for a dance.


Because her real self has other things to do like groceries, laundry, errands, and of course… Watching TV.

If you can engage her in a conversation that hits on things her real self thinks about she’ll never ask you for a dance.

It’s obvious when you think about it.  Do you like talking about work when you’re in a deep conversation about the latest episode of your favorite TV show?

No one does!

Once I told him this, he had girls sitting in his lap for ages without ever asking for a dance.
You can do exactly the same thing with bartenders, shot girls, strippers and escorts. All you’ve got to do is follow the simple pattern that all conversations follow.

You can learn the pattern by clicking on this link.

Chat soon.


The Gateway Drug to Intimacy

Hey man, listen to this,

I met a guy the other day that was a great seducer in almost every way.

He could approach, transition, form attraction and escalate with almost any girl he met.

Yet he had a problem

A huge freaking problem.

After sleeping with a girl she wouldn’t date him. She’d have sex with him once and then ignore his calls and texts.

Now, on one level I’m sure initially he thought this was great, he could get all the sex he wanted anytime he wanted. But eventually… He started to feel bad.

If you don’t know why… You need to read on.

He felt rejected.

Yep, all the sex in the world, and yet this guy feels rejected. Not for sex, but for him.

Think about it. When a girl rejects you on the open you can always justify it to your ego as the fact that she never really got to know you.

But once you’ve had sex with them, it’s a lot harder to justify that.

I mean, he’s had sex with them, and then they cut him out. Imagine what’s going on in his mind.

Did she hate the sex? Did he upset her? Was he boring?

All these things go through his mind, trust me this rejection is a lot worse than someone ignoring you after the approach.

So he asked me what the problem was.

And you would be surprised just how simple the answer was.

The girls still didn’t know him. His ability to escalate was so precise, his game so “tight” that he never bothered to make an actual connection with the girl. He skipped it all and just ran the sexual escalation techniques I’d shown him.

The problem is that people get so fixated on trying to have sex that they miss the fact that they’re talking to an actual person, and not just a “masturbation box.”

And this is the number one reason why guys get rejected, anytime from the opening line to just after sex. Good conversation is the easiest way to get someone to want to be intimate with you. It’s like a drug, people get addicted to good conversation.

The people you enjoy being with the most are probably the people who you have the best conversations with, and if they suddenly left your life you would be sad. You would suffer from withdrawals from having them leave your life.

This is how girls should feel. When they talk to you, the conversation should be so genuine and good that they can’t be without it.

They crave it.

And when they crave it, it will turn into a desire, a desire to be with you, to want to be with you, and be intimate with you.

The main reason women want to be with me is not because I have a huge dick, it’s not because I’ve got a great body (because neither of those things are true). The reason women want me is because I’m good at conversation.

I know how to hold an engaging conversation that keeps someone interested in talking to me.

And from there the rest is easy.

Check out this link and see what happens when you combine great conversation skills with the ability to talk to girls.



You Just Don’t Want Results

Today I’m going to show you an example that illustrates why people don’t get the results they want with hot women.

They don’t actually want results.

That’s the only explanation I have for people who get dating advice and then never take the right action.

I’m not talking about action in general.

That’s actually a pet peeve of mine, when someone is like, “Take action, do things now!”

Heck, people are always doing things, the problem is that they’re usually doing the wrong thing.

Yesterday I was helping a guy out on Twitter. He was all about some girl he’d met and was wondering why she only replies to some of his texts. Now there are many reasons why this happens but the usual cause is “she’s just not that into you yet.”

He wanted to message her but was worried she wouldn’t reply so I gave him the following advice.

Send her a picture about something that you know she finds interesting and ask how her day is, then wait until she contacts you.

Here’s what he did,

He sent her a picture of some food he cooked, then followed that up 3 hours later asking her why she didn’t reply and whether she would meet up with him.



Let’s analyze this together.

1) Is his cooking something she finds interesting? Probably not. I’m sure she likes food, most people do. Heck, Instagram could probably be renamed “food porn pictures” based on the amount of images there are from food lovers. But I bet you $100 that there is something she finds more interesting than his cooking. And if he doesn’t know what that is then he didn’t talk to her properly when he first got her number!

2) He didn’t ask how her day was. Not that that question is the best to ask, but asking someone a question is a good way to guarantee a response. He just sent a picture of his food, and told her to look at what he was eating. There was no encouragement to respond from that.

3) He followed up with criticizing her for not replying (she could have been busy) then added pressure by trying to meet up with her.

Her response?

“I’m sorry, I’m not looking for a serious relationship right now.”

He literally stuck the kind of pressure on her that breaks long term relationships… At the beginning, during the courtship, there was literally no way his route was going to work.

But here’s the part that makes me think he doesn’t want results….

…I told him what to do!!!

It’s not that he didn’t take action, he just took the wrong bloody one!

I literally told him what to do and he ignored it. He asked for my advice, and ignored what I told him to do. The only explanation I have for that is that somewhere deep down he just doesn’t want the results.

Do you?

Do you really want the results?

Because I want to help you. I love helping guys attract and date hot girls, and the truth is, it’s easy. Here’s a start. Go ahead and learn about how conversation works by watching the video here.

Then use just 1 technique that you learn from it and email me letting me know how it worked for you. I bet it gets you into a longer conversation with a beautiful girl than you’ve had in a long time. The kind of girl that you could date, if you knew how to keep that conversation going.

Click on the link and find out.



A simple trick to get ugly kids

Heya man,

Yesterday I got a Thai Massage. It was one of the best massages I’ve ever had, one of those ones where the girl folds your body in on itself. In fact she was so good I mistook a few of her techniques for Jiu-Jitsu moves and almost tapped out a few times.

But the girl was short, Asian and plump and it reminded me of something.

This is one of those things I normally only share with my friends and private students, but today I thought I’d share it with you.

Before I got good at game, pretty much all my girlfriends looked the same.

They were short, Asian, plump and into comic books, just like my masseuse (I can only assume about the comic books).

Now, granted, I could count all the girls I dated on one hand, but even with this small data one thing was obvious.

My kids DNA was already set.

Think about it. The children you have will be as pretty as the girls you date. (Mixed with half of you)

This meant that before I started learning how to attract hot girls my children would all be a mix of me and a Short Plump Asian girl.

These are things you don’t think of when you’re just trying to meet a girl that likes you, but the reality is this is your legacy you’re messing with.

The simple trick to getting ugly kids is to date ugly girls.

If I’d never learnt this skill set… I’d be dating ugly girls and have ugly kids. Fact.

Now maybe you don’t want kids, or maybe you’re one of those people that doesn’t care about how good their kids look. (I see the parents of those children when I walk through Walmart)

But if you do care, if you want gorgeous children, then you should start dating girls that will give you the kind of children you may want.

Dating hot girls isn’t as easy as we’d like though and sometimes it can be hard finding the right things to say. Check out this video and learn a simple way to keep a conversation going.


THIS Is the Reason I’m Good with Sexy Women

Heya man,

Today I’m going to tell you the exact reason why I’m good with women.

I have a quality that drives me.

It’s a quality that almost every single guy on the planet has. The difference is I have more of it.

I first realized I had this quality when I was sitting in a room of guys who were all students of seduction and dating, myself included. We were all just like you, looking to get better with women.

Picture this: it’s 3 o’clock in the morning and there are 5 of us guys sitting around a room after a night of going out and meeting women. Obviously none of us had met a girl that night and most of the guys were discussing heading home when I first realized I was different.

Adam: Why don’t we go out and hit an after hours spot.
Guy 1: Adam, it’s 3 am I’m tired. Fuck it, we’re all tired, let’s just head home.
Guy 2: Yeah man, it’s not like we’re gonna meet any girls that are single at this time anyway.
Adam: You’re all kidding me right?
Guy 1: No seriously, it’s late, we can head out again tomorrow.
Guy 3: Yeah, I’m heading home.
Adam: Don’t you guys wanna get laid?
Guy 3: Yeah of course, but we’re tired now. We can do it tomorrow.

And that’s when it hit me. They all wanted to get girls, but I wanted it more.

I wanted to get laid more than any of the other guys in the room. (Except maybe Guy 4 who came with me)

This is the quality I have.

I like sex.

I like it a lot.

Heck, I have sex before I get up in the morning, have it before I go to bed, and try to fit it in somewhere in the middle of the day.

On roadtrips, I’m the kind of guy that will pull over at a restroom off the freeway to fit a quickie in. I’m not just after girls

to satisfy my ego, or to have sex with them occasionally as I see fit.

I want women all the time, always. I love being with them, interacting with them and having sex with them. And it’s that drive that made me good. I was going out all the time because I wanted to have sex with beautiful women.

Ask yourself something.

Do you want to have sex? Like, a lot of sex? With lots of beautiful girls?

Then why not put the effort in to go and get it, because countless people have proved that it doesn’t take a lot of practice to actually start getting good at this, you just have to start go out there and do it.

How do you move a mountain?

One rock at a time.

You should start by learning how to keep conversations going, at least that way you won’t run out of things to say once you’re talking to her. Here’s a link to a video showing you how to do that.



Your Balls

I’m walking down the street this morning in Santa Monica heading to the American Film Market to meet with a film company I’m talking to about a show I’m pitching. When all of a sudden I notice a cute girl walking in the same direction.

She’s got short black hair with dark red highlights, long legs that are covered by her patterned tights and a short mini-skirt.

And I’m wondering to myself, “should I talk to this girl?” I mean. It’s not like I’m single.

Heck, I get laid a few times a day. I don’t need to bother talking to this girl. It would be a lot easier to just walk by, keep listening to my Pandora station and head on to my meeting.

But I remember something.

I’ve got balls.

And I like them.

I approach her, not because I want to get laid, not because I want a girlfriend. I approach her because that’s where my balls come from, and I don’t want them to go away.

The more you practice the better you get at approaching and talking to girls. Once I started talking to her, the conversation flowed easily, we walked for about 5 minutes before we “realized” we were both going to the same place. (She “realized.” I knew it for a fact, as she was too cute to just be randomly walking in the same direction as an international film market.)

The three things I wanted to make you aware of are:

1) It turns out this girl works at the exact company I had scheduled a meeting with. Coincidence or not, it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t approach. My 10 minute meeting became a two hour one with the CEO as a result of the girl talking me up.

2) I approach because I want to maintain my skill of approaching, not to get a girl. In this way I’m completely outcome independent. I approach for the sake of approaching.

3) By repeatedly doing that which scares others, I maintain my confidence (testicles) and ensure I’ll never be afraid to meet a girl (or potential business client) again.

Start approaching. And if you are afraid of approaching due to wondering how to keep the conversation going once you start, watch this video



Number 1 Most Important Aspect of Game

Hey man,

I’ve been reading email after email of people who picked up my book 101 Ways to Break the Ice and I’m so happy you were able to use those lines right away. I would argue that the most important thing you can do to make a strong interaction, is be able to start it.

If you can’t start an interaction, you will never know what could have been. So if you are one of those guys who have been going out the past few days using those techniques I talked about, perfect! I bet you noticed a big change in how your interactions went when you approached quickly.

If you have not been going out and striking up conversations or if you don’t intend to, you can stop reading now. The rest of this letter won’t do you any good…

For those of you still reading I have some new questions for you:

What do you do once you start a conversation with a girl?

My short answer for this is one simple word that you should get tattooed somewhere on your body that you will see it every day.


There are hundreds of different transitions to use to tie thoughts together and keep a good flow going. But they come off as very strange and boring when you aren’t actually listening and responding to what a girl is saying.

To hold a girl’s attention is also extremely important for an interaction. I have several techniques I teach for this, but the simplest one is to use eye contact.

You know that fear that you have that women can read your thoughts? They can!

Okay, not actually, but they think they can. If you aren’t looking at her in the eyes, she can’t make that connection to read your thoughts. That might sound like a good thing, but if she doesn’t think she can read your thoughts, she can’t trust you.

You need a woman to trust you, and feel comfortable talking to you.

Comfort and Rapport.

Without those things, you’re flirting will backfire, your teasing will hurt her feelings, and she will want to leave.Those two things are the very backbone of any interaction.

If you knew nothing of game besides how to approach quickly and build comfort and rapport, you would be able to make a whole lot of friends in a very short amount of time. You’d also get very successful at networking for business and other opportunities but that’s not the focus of what I teach.

In the reverse, if you were very good at breaking rapport (teasing, negging, flirting etc.) and awesome at qualifying and sexually escalating, but you didn’t know how to build comfort and rapport, you would be very sad and unsuccessful.

Trying to build sexual tension with a girl who doesn’t trust you and feel comfortable with you will always end badly. If you are getting blown out when you go for the number, kiss, or even getting her facebook, its probably because you need to work on this part of your game right now.

Comfort and Rapport.

So this is the big step to polish up. If you master the ability to build comfort and rapport, the later steps are much easier to correct if they start going sour. If you can build up comfort and rapport then every time you start to lose it in the interaction, you just quickly go back down a step and build it back up again!

If this is something that you are trying to work on, I go into a lot more and details about it in my How to Keep the Conversation Going program.

I break everything down into smaller, easier to understand pieces. I also give a whole lot of my personal tactics that are extremely effective to quickly take an opener into a place of comfort to lock yourself in the set. I break down conversations into easy to remember formulas so that you will always have something to say.

I explain how to find and build instant commonalities with girls and I give a technique you can use step-by-step in case your mind goes blank and you need something powerful to talk about.

Once you’ve found your commonalities and you are ready to close, I break down several different techniques for getting a number close with minimal risk of her flaking out on you for the next time you get together.

I have this program packed with information that is absolute gold if you are working on mastering your conversation skills and you want to take your interactions farther than a greeting.

Again, if you want to see more about that program, click the link below.

Once you have mastered holding a conversation, everything else moves a lot faster.

My advice to you, when you feel comfortable with your approach, you are ready to work on holding the conversation. You can use my techniques or not, but challenge yourself to see how long you can hold her conversation and keep things moving forward.

Record your interactions or you can write about them in detail afterwards. I strongly suggest recording them. You will hear subtle nuances that way and it will cause your brain to autocorrect for the next cold approach you try.

Nice work man,