Men Don’t Actually Think about Sex Every 7 Seconds

According to Ohio State University it is a myth that men think about sex all day every day.

"Has it been 7 seconds yet?"

The research they’ve been doing into the subject shows that men do think about sex more than women but they also think about eating and sleeping more than women. Researches had students complete questionnaires about the frequency of their thoughts about sex, eating, and sleeping for a week.  The findings showed that on average women think about sex approximately 10 times a day, eating 15 times a day, and sleeping 8.5 times a day.  Men on average thought about sex 19 times a day, eating 18 times a day, and sleep 11 times a day.

Following the standard held view that men think about sex every seven seconds would mean they have 8,000 thoughts about sex while awake. This is an important finding that will help correct stereotypes about men.

Frequent thoughts about sex are more connected to how comfortable a person is with their own sexuality than than what gender they are.

The study also found that women who are more concerned with social acceptance were less likely to think about sex which may be linked to the idea that thinking about sex is not a typical expectation, or stereotype, for women.

Fisher, the head researcher of the study says that society has no real reason to believe men think about sex so much more than women. There has been no past research to show that men think about sex every seven seconds.

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Get Centered: Game is Not All There is to Life

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what the game has to offer us and what we’re not happy about in our life RIGHT NOW that we forget to live our life. It’s amazing what becoming better with women can do for you.

It gives you power, right?

All those years of feeling inferior, all those years of wondering if something’s wrong with you, and finally you’re gaining the tools to become something more.

But I think it’s also important to stand back every now and then and take a good hard look to see if maybe you’re starting to take things too seriously. This goes for whether you’re having results with the stuff you’re learning or not.

In fact, it’s probably more important for the people who aren’t making progress with the tools at their disposal because the problem might be taking things too seriously.

There’s so much more to life than women. Our hormones make us crazy.  Not getting “laid” makes a man go insane. You start thinking crazy thoughts, getting hard on yourself, walking around in a pissed off mood.

From a biological perspective, you were born with a natural and strong desire to have sex frequently, but never forget the power of perspective. This might be our biology, but as a modern man, it’s important to not let your urges completely control you.

What are some other things that are important in life besides going out and meeting women or taking them home? Did you realize that some people go through their whole lives never sleeping with a woman? Some people with serious disabilities — whether mental or physical — have pretty much accepted the fact that they’re never going to experience sex, yet many of these people still manage to live amazing lives.

Some people go through horrible accidents, like car crashes or being burned in a fire, and are so disfigured they have a hard time getting past that no matter what they understand about attraction.

As a disclaimer, I want to say that many of these people still find someone, which just goes to show how much attraction is non-physical.

The point here is that if people like that can go through their lives and still be happy and enjoy themselves, then you not having all the women or all the sexual experiences you want might not be enough reason to be so worked up about your life.

Sure, our social lives are a HUGE part of being human and a HUGE part of being a happy human, but we should never forget that there are other aspects of ourselves that we need to learn to tap into as well.

There’s so much more to life than women.

I just want to repeat that.

So, every once in a while, if you find yourself getting too serious about game, whether it’s due to failing or succeeding, I want you to take a walk and listen to yourself.

Quiet your mind.

Take a hike on a forest trail.

Go to a beach somewhere and walk along the shoreline.

Think about your family, your body, your career…

Going for a walk, especially in a place of natural beauty, can be very centering. Use it as a time to be thankful, to think about other ways — besides with women — that you want to improve your life.

The aspects of YOU are really limitless. Focusing too much on one part of your life, no matter how much of your life is permeated by that one thing, is sure to cause an imbalance. You’ll be amazed at what centering and balancing your life does to help you improve. And when you get back to game, chances are that taking the time to get centered has made you better at game than you ever were before.

Wear a Condom (song) – (Wear sunscreen parody)

I've spent a long time teaching various dating techniques and giving out advice to people all over the world. Sometimes though it's important to remember the most important aspects.

This is a quick poem I threw together to illustrate some of the best tips to help you in your dating life.

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