The Gateway Drug to Intimacy

Hey man, listen to this,

I met a guy the other day that was a great seducer in almost every way.

He could approach, transition, form attraction and escalate with almost any girl he met.

Yet he had a problem

A huge freaking problem.

After sleeping with a girl she wouldn’t date him. She’d have sex with him once and then ignore his calls and texts.

Now, on one level I’m sure initially he thought this was great, he could get all the sex he wanted anytime he wanted. But eventually… He started to feel bad.

If you don’t know why… You need to read on.

He felt rejected.

Yep, all the sex in the world, and yet this guy feels rejected. Not for sex, but for him.

Think about it. When a girl rejects you on the open you can always justify it to your ego as the fact that she never really got to know you.

But once you’ve had sex with them, it’s a lot harder to justify that.

I mean, he’s had sex with them, and then they cut him out. Imagine what’s going on in his mind.

Did she hate the sex? Did he upset her? Was he boring?

All these things go through his mind, trust me this rejection is a lot worse than someone ignoring you after the approach.

So he asked me what the problem was.

And you would be surprised just how simple the answer was.

The girls still didn’t know him. His ability to escalate was so precise, his game so “tight” that he never bothered to make an actual connection with the girl. He skipped it all and just ran the sexual escalation techniques I’d shown him.

The problem is that people get so fixated on trying to have sex that they miss the fact that they’re talking to an actual person, and not just a “masturbation box.”

And this is the number one reason why guys get rejected, anytime from the opening line to just after sex. Good conversation is the easiest way to get someone to want to be intimate with you. It’s like a drug, people get addicted to good conversation.

The people you enjoy being with the most are probably the people who you have the best conversations with, and if they suddenly left your life you would be sad. You would suffer from withdrawals from having them leave your life.

This is how girls should feel. When they talk to you, the conversation should be so genuine and good that they can’t be without it.

They crave it.

And when they crave it, it will turn into a desire, a desire to be with you, to want to be with you, and be intimate with you.

The main reason women want to be with me is not because I have a huge dick, it’s not because I’ve got a great body (because neither of those things are true). The reason women want me is because I’m good at conversation.

I know how to hold an engaging conversation that keeps someone interested in talking to me.

And from there the rest is easy.

Check out this link and see what happens when you combine great conversation skills with the ability to talk to girls.