Some added benefits from sex

We all know sex is pleasurable but there is more and more research pointing to the conclusion that it is also good for our health.

sex benefits

Health Benefits of Sex


Reduce Anxiety:

A study published in science journal PLoS ONE found that sexual activity has been shown to reduce anxiety in rodents and humans.  The study also found that sex increased chemicals in the rats’ brains that protected them from the effects of stress hormones.  According to another study, people who had more sexual intercourse had lower blood pressure when performing stressful tasks.


Increase happiness:

A study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that increasing the frequency of sexual intercourse from once a month to once a week was comparable mentally to getting a 50,000 raise.


Boost Immunity:

Regular sex can help boost our immune systems.  Researchers speculate that moderate sexual activity (once or twice a week) exposes partners to other people’s “bugs” thereby boosting the levels of antibodies in the mucosal linings of the body.


Sooth Pain:

Research done at Rutgers University has found women have increased pain tolerance and decreased pain detection during vaginal stimulation and orgasm.  One study found that around orgasm, women’s pain threshold increased 74.6 percent!



Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk:

A study published in the Journal of the AMA found that an active sex life was not associated with a higher risk of the disease.  Men who ejaculated the most (21 times a month or more) were one third less likely to develop prostate cancer than those who ejaculated between four and seven times a month.


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