Where are all the chicks? This place is a sausage fest!

“Where do I meet women?” Is a big question that weighs on the minds of a lot men. You may have all the right moves and all the right lines but if you can’t find a woman it’s all kind of pointless.

"YUM, I like sausage!"

Make your location work for you! You want to find a place where women who embody the qualities you are looking for in a mate are already hanging out.  There are plenty of places to go besides nightclubs and bars.

1) Festivals and parades aren’t just for kids.  Every city has it’s own celebrations throughout the year that coincide with holidays, culture pride, and subculture frivolity.  It’s not hard to find an event for any interest you may have.  Many cities hold celebrations in honor of Asian, Norwegian, Celtic, and African cultures.  If you’re looking for a woman of a different race this would be a perfect way to find one and learn more about her culture’s customs during the process. Parades and protests are another way to connect with a woman on something she is passionate about.  Many cities hold annual zombie walks, solstice parades, and Free Tibet protests!  Check on your local city website for upcoming events you may want to participate in.  If none of these interest you there is always music.  Music festivals abound during Summer time and are a perfect way to meet women who have your taste in music.

2) Volunteering in your community is a great way to meet women who are socially conscious.  You could volunteer at a hospital or nursing home and meet some nurses while you’re helping the ill.  There are lots of community gardens and neighborhood groups who meet often to beautify the city.  If you’re looking for a woman with a spiritual side you can volunteer at local church affairs, there is always a weekend bake sale or garage sale that needs your help!  You could even volunteer at the local children’s theater if you’re really looking for a woman who is good with kids.

3) Meet ups and clubs are easy to find in your area with the power of the internet.  If you haven’t  yet done a search on meetup.com for groups to share your interests with, stop waiting it’s free.  Craiglist is still a viable source for community listings, and if that site creeps you out too much check the local college website or library bulletin board for meet ups.  You can find a writer’s group or book club to join, you could even find a nice wine tasting club and brush up on your wine knowledge. These are all great ways to meet women and it’s much easier to start a conversation with a woman who you share a common interest.

4) Classes are also a great way to meet women.  Take an art class, a dance class, dog training class, or yes a cooking class! Find something you’ve always wanted to learn and share your enthusiasm for the subject  with the women in the room.  The best part about these  kind of classes is that most men aren’t brave enough to sign up so you could find yourself surrounded by women!

As the possibilities of finding  new places to meet women are multiplying in your head make sure you take the next step and get out there!


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