Shit Pick Up Artists Say

Shit PUAs Say

Dude, are you wearing that really cool affliction shirt? You know, the one with the flames?
Did she send you a text? You gonna text her back? Don’t text her back, bro, that’s so needy!
Hey man, you Iceman_ 21? Gmoney _232323

No, I’m not going out with her tonight, I have to write my lay report.
Dude, go open that chick. I’ll give you 10 bucksto open hat chick.
Dude, there’s this line, it’s money, I totally read it on a forum.
Go ask her if her nails are real…
It’s not eyeliner, it’s” guy-liner”  –  the chicks love it!
Ask her if her eyelashes are real…
Give me a sec, bro, I need to get into state.
Dude, ask her if her hair is real.
So this total HB 10, right? She sent me a text message; she wanted to go ice skating. What do you think I said? “Hell, no! Ice skating’s not alpha!”
I’m actually ranked the 4th best PUA n southern Cincinnati.
Ask her if her boobs are real.
Hey bro, are young to the sarge-athon tonight?
John? You can’t pick up chicks with a name like John, you won’t get anyone. From now on, you could be Sexual Six-pack.
I was with this Russian chick …
So last night I was with this model, right?
Last night, picked up a stripper…
Last night, right? I was with this cheerleader chick.
You know, I think for Halloween I’m going to be a Facebook wall.
How do you get a same-night lay? Dude, easy – three steps. One, go up to her. Two, be alpha. three, tell her what you want – bam! Pussy  every time.

Man, how can I NLP this chick into getting an abortion?

So I’m in venue right when I see this HB across the room. She’s spitting at me IOI’s. So I go up, I open, I transition, out of nowhere comes this AMOG with this DHV story and he ruined my SNL. So I did the only thing I could do .I gave him a DLV that I learned from RSD which totally LJBF’d him. And I got to set it up for an MLTR. Back at my place, she gave me some LMR which made me feel like a total AFC. Out of nowhere she started busting out some bad ASD when I was trying to bump her BT – do ya feel me?

You like this headband? Lock in prop.
One time I picked up Paris Hilton. Well, she gave me her Twitter.
Alright, man. Now I’m going to teach you the micro macro jumbo hyper multi-level hoop calibration theory.
Hey, who do you think is better, Style or Mystery?
Hey, do you think this nail polish makes me look gay?

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This was a video that I knew I just had to make. Following on the trend of the Shit people say series I wanted to play around with the idea of shit pick up artists say.

Feel free to add your own suggestions of lines we could have included in the comments below!

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