Valentine’s Day in Japan

Valentine’s Day is celebrated a little differently in Japan. It is traditionally divided into two holidays, Valentine’s Day and White Day.

Courtesy Chocolates

February 14th is still called Valentine’s Day but women are expected to give gifts to their sweethearts and their male aquaintances. Valentine’s is seen as a holiday when women can express their emotions through gifts, which are usually chocolates. Giri-choco are chocolates given to male friends, colleagues, bosses, and family. Giri in Japanese means ‘courtesy’ and these chocolates are handed out so everyone is included in the season’s festivities. Giri-choco are typically purchased where as the hon-mei or ‘chocolates of love’ for husbands,lovers, and boyfriends are typically handmade. It is not considered ‘true love’ if women buy chocolates for their sweethearts.

After all the chocolate giving of Valentine’s Day is over women then have White Day on March 14th to look forward to and on this day men are expected to return the gifts given to them on Valentine’s Day. The term sanbai gaeshi or ‘triple the return’, is often cited as the rule for giving gifts on this holiday. Often white chocolate, jewelry, lingerie, and marshmallows are given as gifts. White Day was first celebrated in 1978. It was started by the National Confectionery Industry Association as an “answer day” to Valentine’s Day on the grounds that men should pay back the women who gave them chocolate.

Seems like the United States isn’t the only country capitalizing on holidays!

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5 Reasons Why Not Sleeping With Beautiful Women Is A Good Idea

When we meet a beautiful woman for the first time, even if she doesn’t meet our exact standards, our first impulse is typically to see where we can take it. Even if we’re not completely thrilled by her body or her smile or her smell, it’s almost as if we feel an obligation to try and close her.

And that’s understandable because society has told us our entire lives that is what we are supposed to feel when we meet a beautiful woman. It is hard to resist the impulse, especially if we are still a newbie learning game. But I’m going to tell you 5 reasons why hitting on this woman and trying to take her home is the last thing you should do.

1. Not Wanting To Sleep With Her Gives You Power

When you don’t want to sleep with a woman, you instantly gain a huge edge in the interaction that you have with each other. Maybe you will want to sleep with her eventually. Maybe right now she doesn’t quite make the cut, but after we get to know certain people, their personality or some other level of chemical reaction makes them more and more attractive.

But you are giving yourself a power she cannot deny. That power may only be in your head, and she might not give a damn either way, but taking your own neediness away does huge things for your self-confidence. Suddenly, you’re not hanging on her every word and trying to fight your desire just to play those pua tricks you’ve been learning. Instead, you’ve put her on the back burner before she even knows what’s cooking, and by doing so you’ve given yourself an amazing psychological edge.

2. Not Wanting to Sleep With Her Is Sexy

Sometimes she is sitting there wondering, “Why the hell is this guy not hitting on me when everyone else in here tonight has? What has he got going for him that sets him apart?” You will be blown away by how many women make an effort to get your attention simply because you don’t seem to be noticing them. Don’t fall for the bait immediately, keep playing it cool. Everyone wants what they can’t have.

3. Not Wanting to Sleep With Her Leaves Her Friends As Possible Targets

I’m going to let you in on a little secret that isn’t much of a secret. Beautiful, high-value women run in packs. If she is beautiful, chances are almost 95% that all of her friends are hot too. By making an effort to hook up with her, whether she wants that or not, is liable to ruin your chances of dating or sleeping with her friends.

This is not true all the time, but it is one of those situations where erring on the side of caution is a good idea. Think about it – how many women have you dated or hooked up with only to find yourself struggling not to check out her friends? What if you would have waited?

4. Not Wanting To Sleep With Her Expands Your Social Circle

Let’s face it, if you want to sleep with her but the feeling is not mutual, or if you sleep with her for one night and then move on with your life, you just burnt a bridge and missed one of the best opportunities to expand your social circle.

You think you are picking up some social skills with this stuff? Women are social geniuses. By making a good friend you will have access to hundreds of more new friends depending on the woman and her social generosity.

Embrace that. Make a friend, and if the fire lights later without warning, you could always change course. Think about how many of her hundreds of friends will be beautiful women. By being selective on one single Friday night, you have just expanded your reach exponentially.

5. Not Wanting To Sleep With Her Might Just Get You Laid

Another great thing about this new woman you met is that she just might get you laid. Nothing makes for a good wing man than a beautiful woman with a good sense of humor. She likely knows about her influence on other women simply by standing next to a man, and some women seem to get off on this. Women like men that are desirable to other women. Now that you were able to avoid scaring her away with an advance, she just might be willing to help you seduce someone else.

A lot of pua’s will disagree with this concept. Many say you absolutely need to make your sexual interest evident from the get go so the relationship doesn’t shift into a friendship. But what does that do for all the women who aren’t interested or simply aren’t ready for your intentions? You’ve just alienated them.

“So what,” you might be thinking, “it’s all in the numbers and if I just keep trying…” Yeah, but you’ve just made a major mistake that too many people in the pickup community make. You forgot that one woman is worth much more than a lay. I’m not trying to get self-righteous on you here. I’m just talking numbers and basic social psychology.

It’s like the difference between teaching someone to fish and giving that person a fish. Make a friend instead of lover, and you’ve just turned a chance encounter worth a possible lay into a door leading to another social landscape.

Looking For Someone To Make Their Life Better

One of the biggest mistakes an AFC makes is going out into the world looking for someone to make their life better. Loneliness gnaws at them. They want something more, but all they can think about when they try to define that particular something is not having women.

Looking for women to make your life better is a surefire way to fail. It will not solve the root to your problems, only set you up to be needy — and no one wants that. The trick is to focus on yourself before you focus on women. If you have an interesting life, people will be interested in you. What’s more, you will quickly find that your problem was not lack of the opposite sex, but merely an unfulfilled life.

Develop Hobbies

Having hobbies is such an underrated aspect of a healthy life. All your successful friends have hobbies, and often their hobbies have resulted in their success. All the happiest people you know have hobbies, even if they have nothing else in this world. Having interests gives your life flavor.

Some great hobbies for pickup artists and metrosexuals that are of high-value and cultivate a good mindset include: rock-climbing, martial arts, surfing, scuba diving, sky diving, art and cooking.

Of course, there are many more, and even if it’s not a sexy hobby that interests you, don’t cancel it out. Hobbies should be about you, and if you own it, no matter how geeky your passion, it will be a point of interest.

Your hobby can become a reason to live in itself, giving you satisfaction plus chances to learn and grow. A hobby gives you something to talk about — a way to socialize — and makes a great foundation for unique dates. One single passion can open up channels to experiences that will enrich your life.

Set and Strive for Goals

Interesting people have goals. If someone asks you about your future plans, a simple shrug and an “I don’t know” should be enough to make them want nothing to do with you. Having goals is very interesting simply because so few people actually have aspirations anymore.

Your goal doesn’t necessarily have to be something big; you can cultivate small goals as well. Setting small goals not only prepares you mentally for bigger goals, but it also makes your everyday life more interesting. Maybe you have the simple goal of getting in shape. This goal alone keeps you more interested in your own life because you are always evolving and improving in your quest to be stronger and fit.

Also, don’t worry about the flak you get when you go out, but have to leave early because you are dedicated to one of your goals. A hot girl might be begging you to stay and giving you a hard time for being so “boring,” but she’s not tugging on your arm because she’s uninterested. Trust me — your busy, interesting life is setting the stage for burning curiosity.

Be a Social Butterfly

Don’t stick with one small group of people. You should cultivate friendships with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Having a lot of friends always gives you something to do when you’re not working towards the goals you’ve set for yourself. You have people from all walks of life to converse with and learn from. The people you surround yourself with change you life on so many levels. Interacting with people with different perspectives brings an ever-evolving nature to your mind and life.

Believe in Something

Owning principles and beliefs is an important trait. This can certainly be taken too far, as sitting around arguing about religion or political beliefs will get you nowhere, but believing in something and not just choosing to be indifferent about everything gives you plenty talk about in normal conversation.

Have Tastes

If you want to be interesting, don’t just go along with everything you hear, say, or have the option to do. Interesting people make their own choices. They don’t just stand by and wait for life to carry them along. Develop the habit of always having a plan in every situation.

Being interesting is certainly a relative term, but I think the message is clear — you need to start creating an engaging, unique life now rather than going out looking for someone who will make it so. This gives you so much buying power it’s unbelievable.

It’s the simple vibe that you carry with yourself about your self-worth that turns so many people away. Scouring every set of eyeballs in a club to locate a person who will breathe fresh air back into your life is just too much. It’s social suicide.

Start cultivating an interesting life, give yourself a reason to exist, and relish the friendships that come with your new choices. Before long, there will be more people interested in you than you can manage.

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