Would You Want to Marry A 16 Year Old Blonde Bombshell Like Courtney Stodden? If So, Read On!

Many people would be hard pressed to believe that Courtney Stodden is 16 years old, let alone happily married to a 51 year old actor who specializes in minor supporting acting roles.

Courtney is said to have met actor Doug Hutchison at his acting workshops after an introduction through a mutual friend. Courtney, a country singer and budding actress has made numerous references to how Doug is a “Tiger in the bedroom.” Not a bad report for a 51 year old. Although, the compliment does lose some credibility coming from a 16 year old girl with no prior experience in the bedroom. Courtney waited until she got married before losing her virginity, which was not too long of a wait for her as it turns out.

After professing their love for each other over what amount to a very brief period of time, the couple made the decision to get married, one that Courtney seems incredibly happy with. There are numerous images of the smitten 16 year old staring at Doug with a look that, to be fair, would get most men steaming from the ears. They had a beautiful wedding in Las Vegas with full permission from Courtney’s mother, Krista. Marriage under the age of 18 is not permitted in Nevada without parental consent.

It should be clarified at this point that Doug is not exactly a big actor. Sure he’s worked on some big name films and TV shows, but when your career apex to date is playing Horace on Lost, you’re not exactly getting fan mail by the mother load from hot ladies based on the sex appeal of your roles.

If we momentarily ignore whether their relationship is right or wrong,  we can start trying to understand this story from a dating point-of-view and discover exactly what factors helped  51 year old Doug date and then marry a 16 year old Courtney in the first place.

Exactly what did help a middle aged man with a slightly better than average acting career score a sweet sixteen super hottie?

There are a number of key factors that probably helped bring these two together, the biggest of which is probably status and leadership, though not specifically due to Doug being a somewhat successful actor.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to dating is building up preconceived situations that are inaccurate and unhelpful. For example, Doug got a hottie because he’s a famous actor and she’s a dumb 16 year old. Firstly, while this may or may not be somewhat true, it doesn’t truly help you understand exactly what may be going on here. The assumption is far too generic and ignores some pretty big factors.

For starters, not all hot 16 year old girls marry older guys. Would you consider someone who is building a country music career dumb for getting into a relationship with someone in the film industry in Hollywood? Also, not all 51 year old actors with minor roles are in relationships, let alone with hot girls.

When we’re trying to learn from a situation, it pays to develop an attitude that is curious rather than dismissive or judgmental. This way, you can look at the facts of the situation and see what elements are there that could help us learn and duplicate the behavior in other situations with people we would be attracted to.

Now we know status is a big factor in female attraction. We don’t have to look further than a 1994 study into female behavior in monogamous relationships and the chances of straying by Kenrick for evidence of that. All we have to do is find the factors that contribute towards Doug’s status to see which can be duplicated. At this point I can almost hear people crying, “What! I have to become a massive film actor to get a hot girl! How is that easy for me to duplicate?”

Personally, I don’t believe that Doug’s fame is the prime factor. I think the fact that he is a big actor is just the reason that we have heard about it. The bigger factor in my mind is Dark Water, a production company that Doug created and owns. A film company, that after a quick Google search, doesn’t appear to actually have produced any films. Rather it has a bunch of works in progress. There’s a TV series outlined here,  a trailer for a film with no substantial footage there, and a quick check of Courtney Stodden’s website reveals that in fact Dark Water is also the contact for her music. For me this is the real factor in attraction.

Sure, the fame Doug’s had is appealing, however the owner of a production company who can help Courtney achieve her career is a lot more appealing. Look at the heaps of wannabe and famous singers and actors before her that have developed romantic relationships with their managers and producers. Shania Twain and Christina Aguilera to name just a few.

Women are attracted to status as it can help them advance themselves. Now in some situations, status alone is a factor for attraction, but for girls who are trying to build a career for themselves, enablers — people who can help others achieve something for themselves — are even more attractive. Being Married to Doug doesn’t just mean she gets a husband, it means Courtney gets a guarantee that Doug will be motivated to help her career and push her to success over other people he knows or may meet. He’ll use his contacts, his energy and his career to help catapult her career — that just got a boost due to their very public marriage —  to success.

We should also at this point pay extra attention to how they met.  Doug was running an acting workshop helping actors develop their careers and make it in Tinseltown. I’ll repeat that, Doug was RUNNING a workshop. Once again, his status is elevated during their interactions as he is perceived in her world as an expert on how to be an actor.

So here we have a number of key contributing factors, Doug’s  success, his ability to teach her how to be successful via his workshop, and finally his ability to enable her to be successful via his production company. Doug’s proven to be successful and has the means to make Courtney successful — all key elements that would greatly increase her attraction to him. Add the close proximity and familiarity they would have built throughout working on the workshop together, and you have a heavy chemical mix that’s highly likely to result in a relationship. She’s physically attractive which triggers attraction in him being male and all, and he satisfies her needs from a status point of view.

Now the real question is how can this help you?

Well, a lot of this is actually very possible to duplicate. Dark Water films is essentially a Facebook page, an AOL email address, a MySpace page and that’s all. It’s not a big corporation with big movies behind it, just one guys personal ambition, a few simple social media sites, and his spare time being put into a hobby that he hopes will be a success some day.

One of the big things we teach on our courses is the importance of having ambition and how that can trigger attraction. Yet how many of you actually bother to do that? Most guys don’t just want a girl, they want a girl who has similar interests to them. If you have ambition, something that you really want to achieve, and you actually take the time to turn that ambition into something that you’re in charge of and control, you’ve given yourself instant status, even if only in that particular situation. If that situation is something that is appealing to a girl, then you’re going to find yourself being a very sought after man indeed.

Now this isn’t completely passive. You’re still going to need to know how to meet or talk to someone in order to capitalize on the attraction that you’re building. However, you are going to find the whole situation a lot easier if you’re the leader and enabler for the others who follow you into your ambition.

This is nothing new here. We’re all aware of how producers have used the “casting couch” to seduce women throughout the ages, however many people don’t realize how this often extends well outside of the film and music industry. I know of a girl right now who has just managed to get a career as an investment banker due to dating a high profile banker in the city.

But what if you’re not a high rolling banker or actor? What could you do to build attraction through ambition. Below I’ve detailed a number of situations that you could look into if you’re struggling for ideas.

1. Photographer – building a portfolio of hot models to help them further their careers
2. Writer – finding interesting people to write about
3. Movie Critic – looking for people to give their real life opinions on films each week
4. Poet – looking for a muse, or fans to see the shows
5. Small Business Advisor – trying to help people set up their first web business
6. Martial Arts Instructor – teaching women how to defend themselves or become instructors themselves
7. Real Estate Advisor – teaching people how to flip their first property
8. Mini Beauty Pageant – you get to judge your local high street hotties (Courtney was also a pageant queen)

The list could go on.

Anytime you can arrange a situation where you are a leader of a group with a level of expertise, you’re going to come across as more attractive than in any other situation. The other benefit from this is that it enables you to naturally meet new people through friends. Doug was introduced to Courtney through a friend that had heard of his workshops and thought that she may be interested in them. Having ambition and working towards a goal that your passionate about will primarily develop your life socially which is why your attraction will blossom naturally from building such a lifestyle.

Now, as mentioned before, you do still need to know how to capitalize on this natural attraction. If you still aren’t sure of the best way to increase the basic attraction that you have already gained the instant foundation for, then you could get yourself stuck in the friend-zone simply helping girls out, but never actually getting into a relationship with them. Techniques such as building investment and escalating are simple ways to ensure that the relationship is moving towards a more romantic or sexual nature and guaranteeing that you actually build the relationship you want.

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