Need Help Dating? There’s an App for that!

It seems like everyone has a smart phone nowadays and these little pocket computers are decked out with apps.  Location-based apps, check-ins and services are changing how people interact, even in their dating life.  According to Juniper Research the mobile dating market is expected to grow to 1.4 billion by 2013.

Location-based features are creating new ways for singles to find potential dates.  Many dating apps utilize the GPS capability of smart phones to allow subscribers to see nearby singles who meet their dating criteria.  There are also dating apps designed to make date recommendations, enable digital flirting, link social services together, and arrange meet ups.

There is a fun newcomer on the market, the Pocket Dating Advice app.  It can help a user quickly discover his possible compatibility with a woman he just met. The app starts with a short personality test which is a fun ice-breaker at any bar or nightclub, once the questions are completed the app generates helpful talking topics. The app then goes into stealth mode and privately emails the user dating tips, and an analysis of the woman’s personality type including, how to build attraction and get a second date as well as potential relationship problems.  View the free Attraction Explained app here.

A recent study noted that 40% of people were using a mobile dating service while out at bars, clubs and restaurants! So get out there!


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Direct Game Live Infield Wideo with Close – A Must See!

This video shows the improvement that one of my students made in just one year by following training and exercises such as the one in this original video.


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Public Transport Pickup Tips Video

AskMen brings you expert dating advice from top dating and relationships coach, Adam Lyons. This week Adam tells you the best lines to use one women you want to meet on public transport. Also check out Adam's video guides on How To Approach Women In The Street, and How To Talk To A Girl On A Date.

3 Easy Ways to Meet LOTS of Girls Before Valentine’s Day!

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be releasing videos with top tips and advice to ensure you aren’t alone this Valentine’s Day. This video breaks down 3 different ways you can go about increasing the amount of the opposite sex in your life that you could be dating. From Cragislist to the Gym to Direct Game, this video is packed with simple tips to ensure you get a date for this upcoming Valentine’s Day!

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Awesome Street Approach that shows why you can’t get girls!

In this video you will see a daytime street approach and pick up recorded live in New York City. If you want to find out why you’re struggling with girls you need to see this!

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How to Approach a Girl in the Daytime

I recently did a talk in LA and thought I’d take some of the clips from the audience questions and post them online to help you guys out!

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AFC Adam Girl in the street LIVE PICK UP on TV

After the Channel 4 Documentary the Rules of Seduction aired, I’ve been inundated with people bein impressed with the girl on the street pick up, as it’s one of the only pick ups verified by Independent TV Journalists as being genuine.

The entire thing was done in one take and was the first and only demo I was asked to do for the show.

I was actually really shocked when 7 months later this particular clip was voted as one of Channel 4’s Best TV documentary clips in over 25 years of programming.

Anyway, I managed to grab a copy of it and place it up here for you guys to watch a live pick up.

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