How to Approach Women

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How to Approach Women
In this video we’re going to be talking about how to approach women. Now when you’re walking down the street, you’re going to see a lot of beautiful girls and you’ve probably wondered, ‘how do I go about starting that conversation?’ One of the key things you have to do is actually get them to stop so they want to talk to you and the mistake that most people make when they try and talk to somebody in the street is they don’t give them enough time to slow down.
Just like a car, a human being has a stopping distance. When you first lean out to go and talk to somebody, you have to give them enough time to slow down their pace so they can actually stop and hear you. Otherwise, what happens is that as they slow down they go past you, and at that point it’s easier for them to keep walking than it is for them to turn around and start talking to you.
That stopping distance is about 12 feet. So when you first start to approach somebody walking towards you on the street, you want to make sure you’ve got about a 12-foot distance between you before you start actually having a conversation with them. Then start that initial conversation usually just by opening your hands and saying whatever it is that you want to say, and that gives you a nice 12 feet so both of you can slow down and you’ll probably find that you stop comfortably right in front of each other.
Now the alternate situation you might find yourself in is when the girl that you’re interested in talking to is actually in front of you. At this point, you never want to approach somebody from behind. Approaching from behind doesn’t let them see you coming and it can freak them out which can actually make them feel a little bit awkward when you go and talk to them.
The easiest way to approach somebody from behind is – believe it or not – to walk in front of them. Take the time to just take two or three steps in front of the person then turn around over your shoulder and start the conversation from there. You don’t have to worry about stopping distance so much this time as you’re both already walking in the same direction; so they don’t have to worry about slowing down and going past you, since as you guys slow down, you should slow down together and it should bring you both to a nice, comfortable stopping point.
Now if you’re looking for exactly what to say or how to keep the conversation going, don’t worry about it. I’ve placed some links below that have some resources, some information that can help you get started in how to start that conversation and how to keep it going. So feel free to check those links out and I’ll see you in another video.

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