What is Metagame?

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Metagame – PUA Summit, 2008

Adam Lyons:

It’s not about funny routines or magic tricks, it’s not about over-complicating things
by thinking about what you’re doing. It’s about surrounding yourself with women
and getting them to invest and to chase you and be after you because you are in.
There are millions of men out there getting laid right now, everyone apart from
people in his room.

So what we’re going to do is fix that and we’re going to start to question and
understand what game is.

Here’s a question; I love asking this one. I love asking this one to the best of the best
PUAs in the world. How long have you been in game? Some, 2 years, 3 years; I know
a dude who’s been in the game 10 years – 10 years and he still runs around with a
little plastic fish asking girls if he can read their fortune for them – 10 years.

Here’s a question for you: What is attraction? What is it? Hardly any of them
ever answer. I have some people who reply, “It’s value.” I have some people who
reply, “It’s when a girl wants you.” I have some people who reply, “it’s about getting
laid.” That doesn’t help. That doesn’t give us any kind of understanding about what
attraction is. Honestly, I haven’t written down a definition. I haven’t written one
down because I don’t feel I should because I’m not qualified to do that.

I don’t want to be here like some expert. Just like I did with preselection, I don’t
want to tell you what I’ve discovered. I want to explain things in a way that you will
learnt it and see that it’s real, and to move your way from being weird pick up gurus
wondering what the next best opener is or freaking girls out in bars, and instead
being very, very normal and actually understanding what you’re trying to achieve.

So I’ve got a bit of an analogy for you to help you understand women and more
importantly, what attraction is as a concept – the concept of attraction. I’m gonna
talk about cars. We’re going to talk about cars because cars are easy; cars we
understand. Turning on a woman is a complicated process that takes 7 stages of
escalation and stuff like that, apparently. Turning on a car, you slip in your key and
twist it. If we could turn on a girl by just slipping in our key and twisting it, we’d
have a lot of happy men in the world and a lot of very satisfied women.

I want you to imagine that you take this car and think of the best car you could
possibly ever get. I want you to think of your dream car, your ideal car. I want
everybody to take a moment and just think of that. And don’t think of some scummy
little car, think of the best car you could possibly obtain. Think of a Lamborghini or a
Ferrari, something that you couldn’t possibly afford straight away.

Now I want you to imagine that you decide that you’re going to get this car no
matter what it takes. So you now append the next 10 to 15 years saving up every
penny to buy this car. You have no time for your friends. You can’t go out socializing
because you need a second job to pay for this car. Every minute, every working hour
of the day is spent getting you this car because you know that when you get this car,
you’re going to get laid.

So you get this car, the perfect car. 15 years later, you go into the shop to buy it. Is
everyone with me so far? So you go into the shop, you buy the car. There’s no twist
to this, you get the car. You’re sitting in it, you’ve got that nice leather interior; it’s
go the built-in I-home for your iPod and your laptop thing; it’s all pimped out, it’s
awesome. You’re driving home…

You finally pull up outside your house – and there outside your house is another
one. Its exactly the same. You’ve won it in a competition; great. You entered it a
week earlier. You guys won’t get this reference but in England… Maybe you’re in
L.A.; you wait for a train, you wait for ages and then two come along at once. It’s the
same as this. You wait for ages, you finally got the car and you get two.

Petrol prices, tax, road tax… there’s no point keeping both. You’ve got to sell one
of the cars. Which car do you think you would sell? Would you believe that I’ve
given this talk now for an entire year since I first worked this out and thousands of
students I’ve asked, everybody says the one you’ve won – why? Why do we all give
the same answer? Why is there a difference between the two cars?

Did you know that when you’re selling it the person buying the car would rather
have the one you’ve won. Do you know why they’d rather have that one? Because
you haven’t driven it. It doesn’t have your coffee stain on it; everybody wants to get
rid of the one they’ve won – why? It’s because the one they’ve bought is represented
by so much more. No one else can see that but you. That additional investment is
your emotion, your time, the things you don’t get back. More importantly, it’s your
investment – yours! You invested in it and no one else sees the difference.

If I took those two cars and showed someone else, they wouldn’t see it but you do.
You prefer that car. Could we say you’re attracted to that car out of the two of them?

Could we say if there’s two cars and they’re exactly the same but one of them you’re
attracted it and one you’re not, the one you’re attracted to is the one you’ve put
investment in. Does that make sense?

So could we sum up game as: if you can make her invest, she’s gonna be attracted to
you. Do we agree? If she chases you, you’re gonna get her because she’s gonna want
you; because the more she works to get you, the more attracted she is to you. The
harder she works to get you, the more she wants you. It’s the same as the car. It’s a
no-brainer! I don’t need any complicated table. The harder she works to chase me,
the more I’m gonna get her. And every game, all the method, everything is designed
around getting them to chase you. That is the factor; that is it right there.

We know that thanks to Benedict Jones and preselection, we know that is a good
catalyst to get things triggered. When they see you with other girls, they’re already
thinking about you because they’re thinking you’re slightly more attractive. They’re
wondering why. That social value that Savoy spoke about – they start to chase; just
a little bit, not much. They’re not gonna sleep with you just because you’re popular
but there’s a little bit and we can take that and make them invest further.

I have some bad news for you. I want you now to imagine your perfect 10; your ideal
girl. Has everyone done that? The perfect woman; the one you’re going to settle
down with or at least you’re going to bang tonight. The prefect girl…

Right now is she in a conference hall in a hotel somewhere in L.A. or in Kentucky
(because apparently, it’s a good place to go to learn about pick up) learning how to
pull you? It took a while for everyone to think about it. Maybe… no. No, she’s not.
She really isn’t. So, on the investment scale-ometer, who’s investing more, you or

Sorry, guys; it is an absolute waste of time you being here (No, I’m kidding). It’s
a pointless waste. Everything we do to try and obtain this girl is pointless. The
more you work at it, the less chance you’ve got of getting her. Any dude who is gonna sit
there and spend hours running routine after routine after routine on this girl, it’s a
pointless waste of time because he’s actually investing in her and until she starts to
invest back, it’s not gonna happen. It’s not gonna happen because he has no value to
her. She sees some cool dude walk in the bar, let’s say Brad Pitt, she’s gonna go, “See
you later entertainment dude with your magic tricks and I do like that cube game
or whatever – but here’s Brad Pitt!” And off she goes. Damn it! All that work for
nothing. You should see the other ones I memorized.

No, it doesn’t work. You need the girl to be investing in you. You’re going to need

that. She has to start putting that in. So what we need is ways of making her chase.
We’ve spoken about preselection; yes, we can get them to start investing that way
but we’ve go to build it up and take it further. I do not have time to take you through
everything that I want to teach. It sucks. I would love to, I’m just not allowed. I
would love to spend about 3 hours which is what it takes me to teach somebody
almost everything that they’re going to need to know to start to get a girl to invest
and after that, you can make it up yourself.

So what I am instead gonna do is dispel some myths and give you guys hopefully
some different ways of doing it that you may not have seen before. One of the first
things I want to start out talking about as a way of getting a girl to invest and a way
of building preselection when maybe you don’t know two sexy pivots that will help
game for you, is the metagame.

The metagame is a concept I came up with recently (I say recently; it’s about a year
ago now). I based it on a little card game called Magic the Gathering. Yes, I am geek.
The idea of the metagame is that instead of playing the same game as everybody
else, you think about what game they’re gonna play and then cheat by creating a set
of cards that will destroy their game. Essentially, you’re sort of reading what they’re
going to do because that’s the best way of playing and then you’re just gonna build
something to completely destroy that.

The metagame does the same thing in pick up. What you do is analyze what
everybody else does in game and then you play a much bigger picture and destroy
it. One of the reasons I like to think I’m seen as being so good at game is because I
know how to out-PUA PUAs. And I’ve kept the secret for you.

I’ve learned some methods and some tricks I don’t teach my boot camps on how to
screw somebody else up when they’re in set without looking like I’m doing it. I don’t
need to AMOG. I can actually destroy them by gaming a room while they’re gaming
sets. What happens is the poor dude runs around thinking he’s having a bad night
and can’t understand why when I’ve created the whole thing so I can walk out with
the hottest chick. And I thought I would talk about it today because it’s a little bit
different and I’ve go some new stuff that I can work on myself so you guys can have
this one and play with it. – I’m kidding.

The Metagame – this is not for beginners. If you’re a beginner, you’re not gonna
understand it because it breaks down some very fundamental rules of game. One
of the first things, the metagame doesn’t work if you have approach anxiety – it
doesn’t; because the concept of the metagame is building up preselection and social
proof and gaming everyone in the room. If you can approach two sets, forget about because you’re going to need to approach everyone in the bloody room.

The first rule that I’m gonna break, the first thing that I’m gonna say to shock the
community: the 3-secod rule is shit. There we go, I’ve said it. Why is it shit? It’s good
to help you over AA, it’s bad when it comes to getting girls. I’m gonna give you a
brief demonstration. I’m going to do it with the chairs rather than using people so
here we are.

Here we have (use your imagination) two incredibly hot, beautiful women. Here we
have a mixed set. This can be two okay girls and their boyfriends… three ugs… the
door to the venue. Okay, watch this.

Open the door… standing inside the club. Ugs, they’re invisible. No one wants to see
ugs anyway. Someone said to me once, “Adam, I can’t believe it. There’s like, no hot
chicks in this place.” I was like, “Yeah there are, the place is full hot of chicks. No ugly
girls at all.” He’s like, “Are you kidding me? The place is full of ugly chicks. There’s
only like, three hot ones.” I said, “I don’t know, I only see the hot ones, I don’t see
anyone else.” He said, “What do you mean?” I said, “I don’t look at ugly chicks.”

So there’s 3 ugly chicks, there’s 2 okay, two boyfriends and two hot chicks, okay?
The venue’s bigger but whatever. You get the idea. I’m gonna walk in. 3- second
rule… ah, chicks! Time to approach… I’m gay.

How about this one: “Do you know where the toilets are?” That way they’ll never get
me. I’ve ignored everyone else in the room to ask them where the toilets are. Let’s
try another one, how about this one: I’m gonna go under the radar, indirect. “Who
lies more…” What? Come on! They know! They know, you’ve ignore everyone else in
the room. Think of the bigger picture. They’re not stupid. You’ve walked in and gone
straight to the two hottest chicks in the room and you haven’t gone direct. If you’re
gonna do that, go direct because everything you’re sub-communicating is direct.

You walk up to them and go, “Hey, you know what? I have to admit I’ve only just
walked in the bar; you are the two hottest chicks in the room. I think you’re very
interesting and I’d like to get to know you and I hope you’ve got something going on
beyond just your looks.” If you’re gonna go direct, because your body language is all
direct, you don’t have an option.

No – the metagame says something a little bit different. Instead what we’re going
to do is we’re going to go in and we’re going to open the three ugly chicks. We’re
gonna talk to them and vibe with them and have some fun but we’re not gonna stay
for very long because then we’re going to bounce into the mixed set. We’re gonna
open them and we’re gonna sit and talk to them. We’re not gonna say anything particularly fancy or particularly special, we’re just gonna vibe with them and get talking to them. Feel free to use routines; feel free to download free stuff off of other
people’s websites and use it; create your own content – why not? Did you know most
naturals use structured game? Would you believe me if I told you this? What most
naturals do is just repeat stories they know have worked in the past for themselves.
They’re almost as structured as a PUA, except they didn’t download theirs off of
websites, they actually came up with it based on their own life which is something I
suggest you all do.

So you’re talking to these guys and you’re ignoring the hot chicks! We’re not talking
to them – on purpose. Now in an ideal world what would happen is a PUA would
go and hit on them. Why would that be ideal? Because PUAs talk forever, 40, 50
minutes of conversation just talking at these girls. They’re not going anywhere. They
can’t go to another venue, no one else is hitting on them; PUAs are good at dealing
with AMOGS. I can just ignore the hot chicks and let them be occupied by the PUA
running his game. Meanwhile, I’m vibing with the whole room. What am I doing?
Savoy spoke about this earlier. I’m building up my social proof. I’m also getting
preselected. The ugly chicks fancy me; they’re smiling at me

These two hot chicks, I know what they’re thinking. I know because I’ve hung
around so many hot chicks that I understand that what they’re thinking is, “Why
is that guy going for those ugly chicks? Look, they’re all over him.” They start
questioning this. If you don’t believe me, ask then next hot chick you see; that’s how
they think. They want to know why we’re not talking to them. We can then mis-
calibrate the PUA’s game.

This is very naughty… It’s very, very naughty. I want you to imagine we have a
hot chick looking in this direction – logistics is important for this – and PUA is
looking at the hot chick, probably at an angle of 45 degrees so he doesn’t tell her
he fancies her… whatever. We’ve vibed with the whole room; we step up behind
the PUA where he can’t see us and we’re going to communicate to the girls using
an advanced form of communication which girls call ‘girl code’. Neil Strauss spoke
about it. All I do is I look at the girl behind the guy’ shoulder where he can’t see me
then I’ll look at the guy, look at the girl, look at the guy, look at the girl and then go…
(Thumbs up sigh)

Now unbeknownst to the poor PUA, I have just made him available and he’s going to
continue running his game, trying to prove that he’s not interested in her when other
people in the room have already shown they know he’s hitting on her. She will smile,
now knowing that he’s interested. We’ve just mis-calibrated his game and ruined all
chances he had of gaming her. He won’t realize his game’s mis- calibrated because he won’t have seen me; so he won’t understand what’s wrong with his game today and why suddenly his routines aren’t working.

What he actually has to do is start getting very, very distant and stop gaming her but
of course he wont because most PUAs are incredibly reactive and seek validation, so
he will just try gaming her harder, which is the exact opposite of what he should be
doing. He’ll keep her occupied, I’ll go back round, I’ll be vibing with the room, I’ll be
having some fun; not trying to game anyone, not trying to do anything, just getting
girls to smile at me and get interested. At the very end of this, I’m going to teach you
a quick trick routine you can use to build preselection if you want. Please don’t just
all start using it. Instead understand why it works and create your own – and I mean
that sincerely.

So the guys in set; after a while, it might not work anymore. After a while he gives
up; another dude comes along – perfect. Talking to the other girls again, I’m not
talking to them. They’re still wondering in their head why I’m not really getting
involved. I then lean over to the girl and I say, whisper in her ear, “You know what?
I think I preferred your previous boyfriend” and walk off. Thank you, Mr. available
#2. He’s out of it as well, and we have single handedly destroyed the two PUAs in the
room who are trying to game her.

Now she starts wondering who I am and why are all these women all over me? And
why aren’t I hitting on her? So she starts to invest. It is highly likely that she will
open me. I’ve done sets with students; students have seen me do sets where I get
opened and closed and the students are like, “That’s what I want! I don’t want to
approach, I want to be approached. I don’t want to ask for their phone number, I
want them to give me their card and say, ‘please call me!’” That’s what they want.
And you do that by becoming attractive; be having an attractive lifestyle.

Remember the picture of me earlier? See how I look now; notice that I don’t look
the same. Do you know why? I asked a girl to change my look. I work out every
day; I didn’t used to, I used to heat 12 Krispy Kremes a week! Now I work out every
day. I started some mixed martial arts and Jackson’s going to teach me some more
during the week because I want to get bigger and tougher and better-looking. Why?
Because these are all parts of game – You can’t just look at one thing and go, I’m
going to memorize every routine I have and now I’m going to get every girl I want;
it doesn’t work that way – become normal! Bloody hell, how am I going to get the
whole community normal? There’s a lot of you…

So the girl comes in, she’s interested. At this point, we’re going to talk about the only
thing that’s worth talking about in game. It’s something that me and Mr. M sat down and discussed. It’s something that Savoy obviously understands the importance of – qualification. But now let me do this; let me piss off the world again. What is
qualification? If it’s so important, what is it? We’ve heard why you need to do it but what is it?

Do you know who knew what qualification was? Thorndike; do you know who he
is? He’s a psychologist from the 1920s, passed away in 1949 – check it up online. He
discovered something called Operant Conditioning, a form of learning. One of the
most powerful forms of learning that is still used today. The concept of rewarding
behavior we like and punishing behavior we don’t like, which teaches someone
to adapt and behave in the way that we like. Wow, have you thought of how that
sounds in game, being able to adapt someone’s behavior to something we like?

Operant Conditioning; it’s real, Wikipedia it. And it’s not something I wrote,
Thorndike wrote it but it’s probably not in Wikipedia because he died in 1949…
whatever, you understand.

So let’s think of this operant conditioning. How does it work in qualification? Well,
let’s first understand hat qualification is. Again, we’re going to use another analogy.
I want you to imagine that instead of myself up here, I have Bill Gates. Did you know
that Bill Gates doesn’t often start his talks with, “This morning I made this many
billions of dollars and tomorrow afternoon I hope to make this many billions of
dollars, and I’m great. Everything about me is great. I have a nice car. I do really,
really well in life… I’m fabulous, I’m Bill. I am Microsoft, by the way.” He doesn’t
talk like that. Why, because he would be qualifying himself to others. He would be
proving himself.

Have you ever wondered why there is an anomaly between girls saying, “You have a
nice car but it doesn’t impress me” and yet girls go, “Oh my God, look at that car, it’s
so nice!” Why can’t we make them match? Girls like nice cars but they don’t like guys
with nice cars but the only want a guy who’s got a nice car – what?! Let me explain
that to you. They don’t want you to shove the car down their throat…. their throats
aren’t that big, trust me.

The point is, the car, they don’t want to be shown it. If you’re saying, “Hey look, I’ve
got a nice Porsche” what you’re actually saying is, “I’ve spent the last 10 years of
my life saving up for a Porsche because I’m hoping it will get me laid.” Someone that
can afford a nice Porsche doesn’t need to show it off – it’s just their car. Does that
make sense? I’m not showing it off; I’m not qualifying myself or attempting to prove
myself to someone to impress them. Instead, I’m getting them – or I should be getting
them to impress me.

From a point of view of investment, if I’m impressing somebody, what am I doing? Investing.
And if they’re impressing me what are they doing? Investing. Exactly – so we want them to
invest in us. We want them to put the effort in. Qualification is a means to do this.
We come across as somebody who is judging and questioning others, rather than
trying to prove ourselves. Instead of saying to her, “Hey you know what, I’ve got
this new job; I’m doing really, really well, I’m making a lot of money”, you say, “So
what have you been up to recently? Because someone of high value doesn’t need
to prove himself to you. Your teacher doesn’t start by explaining to you the latest
thing they’ve done and worked out, instead they ask you whether you’ve done
tour homework and whether you’ve done it correctly because they’re qualifying
you, they’re the one in authority. And that’s what you need to do. You need to start
qualifying them and getting them to invest.

Something that I love is negging, right? Everyone’s like, “Oh, I saw a girl, I negged
her three times and then she sucked my dick…” No – negging isn’t that powerful but
it does have a use. The question is when do we use it? Let’s think back to Thorndike
back in the 1920s. When should we use negging, guys?

Yes! I love this, you guys understand, you’re going to get laid. Yes, it’s to punish
bad behavior. You neg when you don’t like their behavior. That’s why opening a
hot chick with a neg sometimes works – because you’re predicting that her initial
behavior is going to be bad because you’re opening her; so you neg her first. She
responds to that by trying to prove against it or fight against it. This is what negging
is used for.

Now I’m going to talk about a guy that’s a really good friend of mine that I’ve seen
developing game. Braddock from Mystery Method, I’m gonna talk about him. He
gave me a great example and he says never, ever punish compliance and there’s
a reason why. He was talking to this incredibly hot model and he said to her this
qualifying question: “So, tell me something interesting about yourself, something
beside your looks.” She looks at him and she goes, “I have a car.” Great… the most
interesting thing she could think about herself is she has a car.

Do you have any idea how many insults would roll off the tongue for that? How easy
it would be to neg her to the ground? How many wannabe PUAs and people new to
this would go, “Ah, I can neg her here!” But that would be a bad thing to do; because
that is genuinely the most interesting thing she can think about to tell you. That has
to be rewarded because she qualified herself to you, and that’s good behavior. Don’t
neg her for that. Instead you have to go, “Cars are nice.”

You gotta reward it guys, you’ve got to build that up. If she said to you, “Why should I tell you?” then we’re gonna neg her. Then you’re gonna be like, “Oh, really! I knewit; hot model, nothing in interesting to say about yourself.” Neg her back, teach
her the behavior is wrong but if we leave it on that what we’re going to create is a
negative cycle. You’ve heard of this before, when you end up in a negging match –
that’s no good. How do we get out of that? We get out of that by giving her another
qualifier but a smaller one. If she’s not gonna tell us something interesting about
herself, you’re going to be like, “Oh, I knew it; there’s nothing interesting about you
– no, I’m kidding. What’ve you done this week? Tell me something fun you’ve done
this week? What do you do for fun when you’re not working?”

You give her another way out so she thinks about it and she says, “Okay, this week I
went out to a model party with some model, Claudia Schiffer, whoever… I’m so out
of touch. I’ll get a slap from my girlfriend later for not knowing.

She then looks at this and she smiles and she laughs and she tells you and she
starts performing in the way you want. She starts qualifying herself to you which is
actually just investing.. And the more she invests, the more she’s attracted to you.
And we continue the investment, we continue her doing things for us. The more she
invests, the more she wants us. And yes, it’s okay to invest back, just try and make
sure she’s investing more. Why do we want her to invest more? So she keeps getting
attracted to you.

It’s that easy. I know a lot of people don’t believe me but it’s that easy. That’s why I
showed the video. That’s why I constantly show videos. It’s bloody easy. I think any
PUA that’s out there teaching should a) seriously understand the psychology behind
why they’re doing it and why it works and b) you should be able to demonstrate it
and do it.

That’s why last year when I came up I was quite scared. I didn’t feel that I deserved
to be up there. I still don’t feel that I deserve to be here but I do feel that I’ve put in
bloody long groundwork. You won’t believe the stuff I’m working n now. You won’t
believe the books I’ve had to source on psychology s you guys don’t have to. You do
not need to read through and understand infidelity and male cuckolding and the
defenses against the female, you don’t need to read these books – I’m reading them
for you.

I’m going to read them and cut them down and understand the important
aspects t help us. But I need you guys to do me a favor. I’m going to go back for a
second. I need you guys to understand that when you make this work with great
power comes great responsibility. That’s a very important phrase said by a top
philosopher, Uncle Ben. But it’s true; when you understand how this works and you’re capable of doing things like this, don’t lie to the girls.

Somebody said to me today, do you tell the girl you’re a pick up artist? Yes, I do.
Why? Because I don’t want to lie; that’s not what we’re about here. We’re not
about lying. We’re not about hurting girls. We’re about telling them the truth, being
comfortable enough to step away.

Part of qualification is understanding that if they don’t jump through the hoop, if
they don’t do what you want then step away, find another one. There are millions
of girls. We have options. If you see a girl with a boyfriend, think about it but maybe
leave them alone. Once upon a time, you were that guy. Once upon a time, you were
in there in a relationship for two or three years with this girl. Some other dude came
along, she cheated on you one night and now every time you look at her you feel
bad. Every time you look at her you remember that situation and you can’t be with
her anymore because it hurts you so much. Think about that; think about what
you’re putting on other people. If you’ve got options then use them.

What I’m teaching you today works. It works not because it’s my method but
because it’s real psychologically proven facts. And it breaks down why everybody’s
method works. Al I’ve done is learnt it and understood it so that you guys can go
out and understand it rather than sort of flapping around like useless eels not
understanding what you’re doing. This is why it works.

Your aim in every interaction should be to get the girl to invest in you and a very
good way of doing it is preselection. There are other ways; we’ll talk about that in a

All the stuff I’m talking about, I can see people writing it down, I can see people
thinking, “Oh, I wish I’d brought pen and paper.” All my stuff is actually available
from AFC Adam.com. If you go there, there’s like a free e-book free articles, you guys
may or may not know this, I’m a regular writer for Askmen.com was well. If you go
to Askmen.com on a Saturday on the columnist for the UK site, I write a load of how-
to’s and all of this stuff is free. Just take it, it’s all free. Go onto You Tube, type me
name in, there’s free demos. I’ve just done one for PUAtraining.com. I just did a 15-
minute direct day game breakdown and it was live. You can watch the whole pick up
live then you can watch the breakdown afterwards. It’s live and it’s free.

Please go and download it. Why because I honestly think that every single guy out
there should be able to get laid and I don’t think it should be based on how much
money you have in your pocket. I think you should go out there and get laid. Anyone
that is interested in paying for it and feels that they want a coach, that’s different, we can talk about it but genuinely, go out there and get this shit for free, go out there and sort your lives out.

I’m going to finish up, I’m going to do one more example of how the set works
because I like doing these and they make me laugh. I’m going to give you a little bit
how you can generate preselection with a quick routine on the middle of it. So to
refresh: 2 hot chicks. 2 okay girls with their boyfriends, they’re going alright, 3 Ugs.
What do we do? 30-second rule; we don’t do that, instead we start talking to the
girls here; “Hey the toilets over here” Thank you very much; go to the toilet, come
back, we start talking, maybe get chatting to the dude; “Hey you guys, awesome to
see you” yada, yada yada.

PUA comes in. Awesome, he’s occupied the set first. In the background we continue
building up the metagame, chatting to these girls, chatting to the bouncer and the bar
staff. maybe even setting up a party for a couple of week’s time, we’re going to come
back with all these people that we’ve just added to our social circle, which means
next time we come in, we come in with three ugly chicks, two okay chicks and a
couple of dudes but still we’ve got a good ratio, we’re doing well.

We go back in, the PUA’s doing incredibly well here, let’s bow him out. Look at the girl
and go, “You’re getting in!” and step away. The girl’s like, “ha-ha, that’s so funny!”
Go back in, bounce with everybody, start having fun. No we really want her to see
us with some serious preselection. What we do is, another hot chick walks into the
bar. We lean back on a stool. We look at the hot chick and say, “Hey you know, what? I
find that a lot of hot chicks have nothing interesting to say about themselves. Tell me
three interesting things about yourself.”

The girl starts talking “I was a model, I was on The Hills, and you won’t believe it. If
you watch that episode, I’m in the background.” You sit there looking bored out of
your brain. Look at the girl, let her see you being bored and just go (Looks bores).
Lean over to the girl and go, “You know what, I think I preferred your previous

Get back to the previous girl, she’s chewing your ear off. Wait until the hot girl’s
walked by you. Reach out and go, “One minute… Hi, excuse me. Please, you have to
help me. This girl has been chewing my ear off all night, I really need a hand” We’ve
built up preselection, we haven’t needed to game her; she’s happy to chat.

By now we could fuck any of the three girls if we wanted to because there ugly and
probably desperate. They’ve walked into a bar with no dudes, you know they’re not
getting laid. We’ve got the two okay chicks with their boyfriends. We’ve left them alone. With great power comes great responsibility. If you want to be Spiderman, don’t touch them!

Finally we’re talking to the hot chick. We’ve left the other crazy hot chick off on her
own. She probably had a boyfriend anyway who’s big and would have beaten us up.
We’re chatting to the target, we start qualifying her – why? Qualifying her will make
her start investing in us. She’s already attracted to us because of the social proof and
everything we’ve already built up.

She gets talking to you, you start qualifying her. “Tell us three interesting things
about yourself. What do you do for fun? If you could take me anywhere in the world
where would you go? What do you do for a living? What did you want to do when
you were 5? Why are you not doing that? Are you somebody that gives up your aims
and ambitions that easily?” “No, I’m not I I do this, that and the other.” She keeps
qualifying herself. She tries harder and harder and harder.

You can qualify somebody so high it’s incredible. I’ve tested it myself to see just
how extreme you can go. So in this example, I was talking to this girl. And with
qualification, they can either answer or not – Thorndike’s law in effect: reward,
punish. I like to assume an answer and then give them two options that aren’t related
to it.

So I was talking to this girl and it’s coming to the end of the night, I’d ran the rest
of my game as usual and I’m leaning up against the wall. She looks at me and I
say, “Listen; you’re cute. I like you but I don’t know if I’m going t take you home.
because there’s one more question I need from you and I’m going to need an honest
answer. You’re going to get one word to reply and if you get it wrong, I’m gonna go
with the crazy chick because she’s easy and hot. Although I don’t really want her
because she’s crazy, we’re going to have all sorts of issues the next day with her
freaking out and whatever. I want you to think very carefully. You’re going to get
one answer to this.” And she’s like, “Okay, okay, okay.” “Spit or swallow. Think about
it. She looks at me she’s like, “Hmm… hmm… swallow?” “Good girl, let’s go home.”

To get more dating advice, check out my 6-video DVD training series and book called Street Seduce. This program sells for $47, but right now it’s available to you as a complimentary digital download when you join my website! It contains the core building blocks of my entire approach to becoming exceedingly effective at making it with the opposite sex. Don’t miss this! Just enter your email address so I know exactly where to send the entire Street Seduce training package to you right away with my compliments.

How to pick up women

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In this video we’re going to talk about how to pick girls. Now I think a lot of guys

are inhibited and scared when it comes to actually going up and picking up

women. It seems like this massive hurdle that they just can’t get over and that

women are these strange creatures that it’s really difficult to get a relationship


The truth is, women aren’t against you. In fact, there are just as many girls out

there looking for guys as there are guys looking for girls. The problem is, most

girls won’t make that initial approach. So instead they just kind of stand around

or hang out with their friends being awkward, hoping that a guy will come up and

approach them.

Now it’s true that there are sometimes girls in those groups that when a guy

approaches, she’s just not that interested and she gets rid of him. But it’s also

true that sometimes when a guy approaches, the girl just doesn’t know how to

keep the conversation going. She gets shy and she gets awkward and because

she’s being silent, the guy assumes she isn’t interested and he walks away.

If you really want to learn how to pick up girls, the number one and the best way

to guarantee that you improve your dating life with girls is to actually do it – just

start approaching them. If you just increase the amount of girls you speak to on

a daily basis, your success rate and your chance of picking up girls is going to

drastically improve.

If you think about it, say you were one of the worst guys in the world when it

came to attracting women and you had, say, only a 1% success rate. That

means that within a hundred days or just over three months, you would still have

managed to attract a girl that you were interested in picking up. So just a 1%

success rate gives you one girl every three months or so… which works out to be

4 girls a year, which works out within three years to be 12 girls. And considering

that the average guy only ends up dating about 7 girls in his lifetime, it means

that with just a 1% success rate, you would be the average male on the planet –

yes, it really is that easy.

But the truth is, most people actually have a great learning curve. If you just go

out there on a regular basis and make it a point to talk to maybe 2 or 3 girls a

day, you’re probably going to find that within 3 months your success rate has

actually skyrocketed. Within 6 months it’s going to be up even further.

If I was to tell you that when I first started doing this I was really bad when it

came to talking to girls and yet within a year I was getting results that more

people can’t even believe that they’d be capable of getting; it shows you just how

fast you could improve.

So my number one tips when it comes to picking up girls is actually to just go out

there and do it! Even if the only thing you’re saying is, “Hi, nice to meet you” and

swapping names. Just that alone is probably going to significantly increase your


Now it’s true that maybe you’re watching this and maybe you do already do that

and you’re looking for some other techniques; maybe some different things you

could say or maybe even learning how to transition past that very first initial line,

or maybe you’re just looking at some great date places and some easy ways to

bring a girl back to your place.

If you’re interested in any of these topics and a bunch of others, I’ve added some

links below with some resources for where you can find more information about

how to generate that kind of attraction and how to control the situations and of

course, how to pick up girls more easily. So feel free to check out the links below

with the other resources and see you in the next video.

Testimonial 1:

The most valuable thing that I got out of it was the infield feedback that I got

directly from Adam and Amanda because I’d never gotten a kiss from a girl ever

before and then I was having my first make out ever on the second night so it

was incredible. And that was all thanks to Adam’s live feedback.

Testimonial 2:

I’ve never been able to get a one night stand and I’ve wanted that; I’ve really

wanted it so that was kind of my main goal here. Amazingly enough I actually got

it during the boot camp which was amazing. it transformed my whole way I think

about game.


To get more dating advice, check out my 6-video DVD training series and book called Street Seduce. This program sells for $47, but right now it’s available to you as a complimentary digital download when you join my website! It contains the core building blocks of my entire approach to becoming exceedingly effective at making it with the opposite sex. Don’t miss this! Just enter your email address so I know exactly where to send the entire Street Seduce training package to you right away with my compliments.

How to Approach Women

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How to Approach Women
In this video we’re going to be talking about how to approach women. Now when you’re walking down the street, you’re going to see a lot of beautiful girls and you’ve probably wondered, ‘how do I go about starting that conversation?’ One of the key things you have to do is actually get them to stop so they want to talk to you and the mistake that most people make when they try and talk to somebody in the street is they don’t give them enough time to slow down.
Just like a car, a human being has a stopping distance. When you first lean out to go and talk to somebody, you have to give them enough time to slow down their pace so they can actually stop and hear you. Otherwise, what happens is that as they slow down they go past you, and at that point it’s easier for them to keep walking than it is for them to turn around and start talking to you.
That stopping distance is about 12 feet. So when you first start to approach somebody walking towards you on the street, you want to make sure you’ve got about a 12-foot distance between you before you start actually having a conversation with them. Then start that initial conversation usually just by opening your hands and saying whatever it is that you want to say, and that gives you a nice 12 feet so both of you can slow down and you’ll probably find that you stop comfortably right in front of each other.
Now the alternate situation you might find yourself in is when the girl that you’re interested in talking to is actually in front of you. At this point, you never want to approach somebody from behind. Approaching from behind doesn’t let them see you coming and it can freak them out which can actually make them feel a little bit awkward when you go and talk to them.
The easiest way to approach somebody from behind is – believe it or not – to walk in front of them. Take the time to just take two or three steps in front of the person then turn around over your shoulder and start the conversation from there. You don’t have to worry about stopping distance so much this time as you’re both already walking in the same direction; so they don’t have to worry about slowing down and going past you, since as you guys slow down, you should slow down together and it should bring you both to a nice, comfortable stopping point.
Now if you’re looking for exactly what to say or how to keep the conversation going, don’t worry about it. I’ve placed some links below that have some resources, some information that can help you get started in how to start that conversation and how to keep it going. So feel free to check those links out and I’ll see you in another video.

Bro, if you’re watching this video, do yourself a favor; do your life a favor and come to one of these boot camps. I’m telling you, it’s epic. Naturally Shy Guy initially; came to this boot camp; I mean you’re dealing with the best pick up artist in the world.
Shy completely was scared to open up girls, talk to them, do things. Now I – I feel like a rock star, man! Yesterday, I’ll give you an example, went out with my wingman and some of the pickup artists around, met a stripper, went and pile drove her in Four Seasons – rock starts; completely solid.
So I’m just telling you, take it from me. Do yourself a favor, go to these boot camps. Awesome – you’ll thank yourself.

To get more dating advice, check out my 6-video DVD training series and book called Street Seduce. This program sells for $47, but right now it’s available to you as a complimentary digital download when you join my website! It contains the core building blocks of my entire approach to becoming exceedingly effective at making it with the opposite sex. Don’t miss this! Just enter your email address so I know exactly where to send the entire Street Seduce training package to you right away with my compliments.

How to meet girls

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Best Pick Up Forum by Adam Lyons

In this video I’m going to talk about the best pick up forum for you to get advice. I think one of the hardest things about trying to learn to generate attraction with the opposite sex or even to understand the techniques of seduction is trying to go through the entire thing alone.
It’s great to have a forum as a resource to find and learn information from other people that have done it before, as well as posing your own problems and questions for other people to help you with.
Now there are so many different forums on the internet that it’s often difficult to work out the best one to work from. However, there’s one forum that I’ve been a member of for a very long time, were I tend to go on and post all my video advice, and also where I go to help out people with their problems every so often and of course there are a whole bunch of other people in there that help each other out as well.
What I’ve done is put a simple link to that forum below and all you have to do is click on that link, go through and request to become a member. Now it can take up to 24 hours or even a couple of days before they approve your membership but you should be able to look at the posts beforehand so you can already gain access to all that great information; and then once your membership’s approves, you can go in there, post up some questions and who knows? Maybe myself or some of the other experts can get involved and try and help you out with your problems.
So remember, finding a resource like a pick up forum is a great way to meet other likeminded individuals and maybe even find a wingman or a wing girl in your area that can help you when you’re going out and practicing the techniques. So just click on the link below and hope I see you in the forum!

Before this bootcamp, my blocks were basically transitioning. I could always open a set, introduce myself to girls with opinion openers but I could never develop a set and develop attraction and progress a set in the direction that I wanted to. That’s what this bootcamp really helped me with.
What I loved the most about it is learning a formula for attraction, a mathematical equation that you would never expect to be related to attraction but yet it is absolutely key and genius. It will absolutely blow your mind as to how foolproof this formula actually is.
Before this bootcamp I was very reliant on alcohol to pick up girls and sometime even with alcohol I would still not achieve the success that I want in progressing a set in the direction I wanted. However, for the first time I’m very proud to say that not only did I open a set, progress the set, develop attraction, escalate kino, but I managed to take a belly dancer home to my house, to my apartment and have sex with her only on the second night of this bootcamp – I don’t know what to say. If you want to change your life, go to this bootcamp.

To get more dating advice, check out my 6-video DVD training series and book called Street Seduce. This program sells for $47, but right now it’s available to you as a complimentary digital download when you join my website! It contains the core building blocks of my entire approach to becoming exceedingly effective at making it with the opposite sex. Don’t miss this! Just enter your email address so I know exactly where to send the entire Street Seduce training package to you right away with my compliments.

The Best Pick Up Lines – How to get girls to like you

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Pick up Lines by Adam Lyons

In this video I’m going to talk about the best pick-up lines. People always ask me what I think is the best pick up like. If I’m going to be completely honest with you, my personal best pick up line is actually a combination line that uses a number of different people.

I’m a big fan of mixing different psychological principles together when it comes to generating attraction and one of my favorites – and of course the most powerful – is preselection. My best pick up line involves this technique.

The first thing you do is identify who you think are the hottest girls in the bar. At that point, I’ll walk to a girl I think is one of the hottest while another girl I think is equally hot is in the nearby vicinity. If this sounds a little bit complicated, it’s because it is! But it really is one of my most powerful techniques.

I then will move next to the girl I’m not that interested in but who I still think is pretty hot and I’ll say t her, “Hey; tell me three interesting things about yourself. Because I often find when I meet people in a bar,  they don’t often have much interest in things going on; but I can see you look like somebody who’s maybe got something interesting happening in your life – so what would you say are three of the most interesting things that you do?”

All I’ve done here is justify it using one of Stanley Millgram’s principles why she should tell me something interesting about herself. She then hopefully is going to launch into an entire conversation that’s at least three items long, telling me about interesting things she does. However, none of that really matters to me because I’m not going to be looking at her while she’s saying this.

Instead, I’m going to lean back and make eyes with the girl that I’m actually interested in talking to – while this girl is leaning in my ear and telling me all the things that are interesting about herself. At some point when I lock eye contact with the girl I’m actually interested in, I’m probably going to mouth the words, “Save me!” or maybe even, “Help me!”

By mouthing the words ‘save me’ or ‘help me’, I’m making it clear to the other girl that I don’t want to be talking to the girl next to me. And when I’ve got that locked eye contact and hopefully a bit of a smile, I’m going to excuse myself from the girl that’s telling me these interesting things and walk up to the other girl. I’m then going to say to her, “Hey, listen; this girl’s been chewing my ear off for ages. Can you pretend you’re with me so that we can get away from her?” That way the girl can pretend that the two of us are very close. She can understand that I’ve got a lot of preselection from the other girl – and of course, it gives us an excuse to go away and talk for a while.

Now this is a situation that a lot of girls are going to be familiar with the other way around. They’ll often look at a guy they’re interested in talking to and get him to save the from a guy that they don’t want to talk to. By recreating this situation in reverse, the girl’s going to feel a connection to you because she’s probably been in that situation before and now that she’s on the receiving end of it, she’s feeling like it’s her position to return the favor to somebody else; but of course, you get the benefit of that return favor.

It’s a little it of a complicated technique but all the best things usually are. If you’re looking for other simpler ways of making this work or even an more of an in-depth understanding of why that’s so powerful, I’ve added some resources in the description below. All you have to do is click on those links and it will take you through all the information that you need.
That’s about it from me, see you next time.

Testimonial 1:
I went from really not knowing any part of anything to really understanding from front to back how to work through getting a girl to notice you, to going to wherever you really want to go.

Testimonial 2:
For those of you that are only interested in results, I’ll just break it down: Kissing 4 or 5 different girls, went home with ne girl, went to a house party with another couple of girls; there are threesomes going on… It’s all just a bit too much to take in right now, it’s getting emotional. But anyone who’s thinking of investing in this, certainly it’s the best money I’ve ever spent in my life.


If you’re not sure exactly what to practice, or if you need some structure and organization to help you organize your practicing, all you have to do is check out the VIP Membership for a huge pile of help.

How to get girls to Like You

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Dating Advice

Adam Lyons


In this video, I’m going to give you some serious dating advice. Whenever you’re looking for advice on what to do o a date, you tend to get bombarded with different people giving you things like make sure you wear aftershave or make sure you dress well, whatever the different advice is. But  at the end of the day, I think the number one question that most guys want to ask (and even most girls) is when it okay to have sex with the other person? Let’s just cut through it – at the end of the day, is it okay to have sex on the first night and if not, when should you have sex?


In my opinion, I try to never go for sex on the first night. I find that there are so many connotations attached to it like re we just using each other? Is this serious? Does this mean he doesn’t respect me or does this mean I don’t respect him? or whatever the situation is.


In my opinion, if you’re going to have sex when you first meet somebody, the best way to do it is morning sex. What I like to do when I first go on a date with somebody, we go out, we spend an entire day together; maybe we go back to my place ad then we go to bed – I make it clear that I’m not going to have sex with them that night. Instead what I get the girl to do is cuddle up in my arms and hold her for the evening.


What this does is it forms a really special bond between you and the other person. You’ve been holding her all night and you’re building up a massive level of comfort with the other person. Now at this point when you slowly wake up in the morning, it should be really natural to start cuddling up to one another, kissing each other and then escalating.


First thing in the morning, it’s a lot more natural to have sex. You haven’t had to worry about feeling a little bit tired from the night before or maybe feeling a little bit drunk if you two have gone out and partied the night before. Instead, you can have that nice, warm, cozy feeling that you tend to have in a relationship when you have morning sex.


So one of the easiest ways to make sure if your dates are going okay if you’re a guy looking to get laid on the very first night when you meet a girl is – don’t rush it and instead just wait for the morning. You usually tend to find that the girl’s much more agreeable to have sex in the morning and she doesn’t feel so bad about it because the connotation – as they say – is the same night. It doesn’t have that same affect in the morning.


So if I had to give you one big piece of dating advice, it would definitely be look for morning sex instead. The only think you have to look out for of course, is morning breath. But as long as you can put up with that, that’s okay.


That’s about it from me. If you do want some more dating advice, maybe things to be saying on a date or different places to take someone on a date, don’t worry about it; I’ve added some links below so you can click on to get some information or maybe things you should be saying or doing on the date itself.



My name’s Ineja. When I started this program, I’ll be honest it’s been a long time since I’ve  been laid – two years. Believe that, two years. I actually came into this program and… I actually  broke up with my ex girlfriend. She was four years, 17 to 21 when I was with her and after that, for two years I didn’t get laid. I just felt like I’d lost my confidence, trust in girls, whatever it was, I don’t know.


But after hours and hours of intense training I did with these guys, Adam Lyons and all PUA trainers here, man! The first night I did okay but the second night, I actually jumped from girl to girl; I did set to set and talked to all these girls and all of a sudden, things just blew up for me; I felt like it had opened up a whole new life.


I actually got laid n the second night. It was f**ig amazing; like, it hasn’t happened in two f**ing years, can you believe that? I attribute that to all these guys here, I know this stuff is real. Try it out, just try it for one week. It can change your life. It’s not the most important thing but every guy puts it away, you feel like you can do it later but man, some if you can really change and do something with your life. I’m telling you right now, I’m not bullshitting, this is f**ing real shit. Try it out.