Women smell more attractive at different times of the month.

According to a study done by the Department of Anthropology at Charles University, Prague.  A woman’s scent is more attractive to men at certain times during her cycle.

Mysterious Pheromones

“We were interested whether armpit odor changes across menstrual cycle” said study author Jan Havlieek.  To test this theory a group of women wore absorbent pads under their arms during their three different monthly phases.  During this period the women did not wear perfumes, or deodorants, eat spicy foods, smoke, drink, or use hormonal medications as these would effect the scent molecules given off.

A woman’s 28 day cycle includes three different monthly phases and begins on the first day of menstruation, when blood and tissue are shed from the womb.  The next phase is the follicular phase when the egg grows and becomes ready to implant in the uterus.  The fertile phase begins when the egg is released from the ovaries and travels towards the uterus to be fertilized (or not).

The study found that men find women’s odors during the second phase, the follicular phase, the most attractive, and subtle.  The least attractive scents for men came from women during the menstruation phase.

The study also found that the attractiveness of a woman’s face changes during the different phases.  Men again found a women’s face more attractive during the follicular phase as opposed to the menstruation and fertile phases.

Read more here: http://www.livescience.com/553-woman-smells.html

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Valentine’s Day or Divorce Day?

According to a new study Valentine’s Day has increasingly become a day of divorce in this country.  

The data was compiled by Avvo.com, a site similar to yelp except that lawyers and MD’s are rated according to the service they provide.  Avvo.com found  that divorce filings increase by 40 percent and the number of questions regarding divorce increase 36 percent during Valentine’s Day, this compared to the previous 6 months!

Kelly Chang (divorce lawyer) attributed this increase to two groups of people: those who finally follow through on their New Year’s resolution to be single, and those who are waiting to see if Valentine’s Day will magically bring to the surface new behavior in their spouse.

Read more here

Obviously, many people still split up despite the supposed Holiday of Love. If you want advice on how to navigate the tricky waters of Valentine’s Day subscribe to AFCAdamLondon on youtube.
To get more dating advice, check out my 6-video DVD training series and book called Street Seduce. This program sells for $47, but right now it’s available to you as a complimentary digital download when you join my website! It contains the core building blocks of my entire approach to becoming exceedingly effective at making it with the opposite sex. Don’t miss this! Just enter your email address so I know exactly where to send the entire Street Seduce training package to you right away with my compliments.

When Women Aren’t Responding, You Decide What it Means

I think it was Anthony Robbins who once said that if you’re not getting the quality of answers you want out of life, you need to start asking yourself higher quality questions. What kind of questions have you been asking yourself? For instance, when you don’t get the results you want to get with women, what is your inner dialogue?

Do you instantly ask yourself things like “What is wrong with me?” Or, “Why don’t women ever like me?”

Your brain is like a computer. When you give it a problem to solve, it’s going to give you an answer. And, no matter what that answer is, it’s going to be correct because your reality is whatever your brain decides reality is.

So if you ask yourself a question like “Why don’t women like me?” your brain is going to come up with a whole list of reasons why you are lame and unattractive. It’s not productive. It makes you feel like shit and only gives you a reason to go home and hide.

But if you change the question you ask yourself, you get different answers. Reword the question. Say, “What can I do to change the response I’m getting from women?” Or, “Was there a pattern of behavior tonight on my part that might have caused me to get poor feedback from women?”

What this does is change your frame of mind. So, instead of thinking about it with a victim mentality, you’re now approaching it like you have the power to change it if you apply some brainpower.

This doesn’t just apply to the questions you ask yourself — it applies to statements too. It’s basically about the meaning that you choose to attach to your life. If you’re out of shape and putting on weight, you could decide that you’re just a fat lazy bastard with no self control, and that’s going to be your reality. But if you decide that you’ve gotten careless and lazy, and your body is doing its job of showing you that it’s time to bring some discipline back into your life, there’s a greater chance that you’ll be going to the gym sometime soon.

I guess this article is for those of you out there who are finding yourself in a rut. And the thing with ruts is that the longer you stay in one, the deeper it gets. You just keep on digging, right? Every time you ask yourself a poorly worded question or attach a negative, victim-oriented meaning to something, it’s like digging a shovel into the ground and burrowing down, even though all you want to do is get to the top.

Stop digging. Instead, start building a ladder so you can get out of that rut. Whenever you catch yourself embracing negative thoughts, stop and tell yourself, “No, that’s not right at all.” Then, ask yourself “Now how can I look at this in a way that is going to help me change what’s bothering me?”

Those kinds of paradigm shifts are going to be the rungs of your ladder. If there’s anything in this world that’s going to make you better, it is realizing that you have the power to consciously change. It’s been proven over and over and over, and, above all things, I’d say that’s really what separates humans from other animals.

Our thumbs are great and all, but the fact that we have the power to consciously improve has done much more for society. And it can do a lot for you as well.

5 Reasons Why Not Sleeping With Beautiful Women Is A Good Idea

When we meet a beautiful woman for the first time, even if she doesn’t meet our exact standards, our first impulse is typically to see where we can take it. Even if we’re not completely thrilled by her body or her smile or her smell, it’s almost as if we feel an obligation to try and close her.

And that’s understandable because society has told us our entire lives that is what we are supposed to feel when we meet a beautiful woman. It is hard to resist the impulse, especially if we are still a newbie learning game. But I’m going to tell you 5 reasons why hitting on this woman and trying to take her home is the last thing you should do.

1. Not Wanting To Sleep With Her Gives You Power

When you don’t want to sleep with a woman, you instantly gain a huge edge in the interaction that you have with each other. Maybe you will want to sleep with her eventually. Maybe right now she doesn’t quite make the cut, but after we get to know certain people, their personality or some other level of chemical reaction makes them more and more attractive.

But you are giving yourself a power she cannot deny. That power may only be in your head, and she might not give a damn either way, but taking your own neediness away does huge things for your self-confidence. Suddenly, you’re not hanging on her every word and trying to fight your desire just to play those pua tricks you’ve been learning. Instead, you’ve put her on the back burner before she even knows what’s cooking, and by doing so you’ve given yourself an amazing psychological edge.

2. Not Wanting to Sleep With Her Is Sexy

Sometimes she is sitting there wondering, “Why the hell is this guy not hitting on me when everyone else in here tonight has? What has he got going for him that sets him apart?” You will be blown away by how many women make an effort to get your attention simply because you don’t seem to be noticing them. Don’t fall for the bait immediately, keep playing it cool. Everyone wants what they can’t have.

3. Not Wanting to Sleep With Her Leaves Her Friends As Possible Targets

I’m going to let you in on a little secret that isn’t much of a secret. Beautiful, high-value women run in packs. If she is beautiful, chances are almost 95% that all of her friends are hot too. By making an effort to hook up with her, whether she wants that or not, is liable to ruin your chances of dating or sleeping with her friends.

This is not true all the time, but it is one of those situations where erring on the side of caution is a good idea. Think about it – how many women have you dated or hooked up with only to find yourself struggling not to check out her friends? What if you would have waited?

4. Not Wanting To Sleep With Her Expands Your Social Circle

Let’s face it, if you want to sleep with her but the feeling is not mutual, or if you sleep with her for one night and then move on with your life, you just burnt a bridge and missed one of the best opportunities to expand your social circle.

You think you are picking up some social skills with this stuff? Women are social geniuses. By making a good friend you will have access to hundreds of more new friends depending on the woman and her social generosity.

Embrace that. Make a friend, and if the fire lights later without warning, you could always change course. Think about how many of her hundreds of friends will be beautiful women. By being selective on one single Friday night, you have just expanded your reach exponentially.

5. Not Wanting To Sleep With Her Might Just Get You Laid

Another great thing about this new woman you met is that she just might get you laid. Nothing makes for a good wing man than a beautiful woman with a good sense of humor. She likely knows about her influence on other women simply by standing next to a man, and some women seem to get off on this. Women like men that are desirable to other women. Now that you were able to avoid scaring her away with an advance, she just might be willing to help you seduce someone else.

A lot of pua’s will disagree with this concept. Many say you absolutely need to make your sexual interest evident from the get go so the relationship doesn’t shift into a friendship. But what does that do for all the women who aren’t interested or simply aren’t ready for your intentions? You’ve just alienated them.

“So what,” you might be thinking, “it’s all in the numbers and if I just keep trying…” Yeah, but you’ve just made a major mistake that too many people in the pickup community make. You forgot that one woman is worth much more than a lay. I’m not trying to get self-righteous on you here. I’m just talking numbers and basic social psychology.

It’s like the difference between teaching someone to fish and giving that person a fish. Make a friend instead of lover, and you’ve just turned a chance encounter worth a possible lay into a door leading to another social landscape.

10 Reasons Women Are Flaking On You

Man, I used to hate flaky women. Sometimes when I first started going out sarging, I’d come home with a pocket full of phone numbers thinking I had absolutely killed it that night, but after a couple of phone calls that weren’t answered, conversations that went flat, women who didn’t show or canceled last minute, and girls that didn’t seem to remember me, all those numbers would end up in the trash.

Getting a phone number is meaningless if you can’t make it to one of the next levels of closing. This drives guys crazy and often doesn’t have anything to do with the woman. Flaky people are just irritating, period! Still, in the interest of game, why do women flake?

Here are 10 reasons I’ve come across in my experience:

1. She only gave you her number because she was drunk

When you meet women at bars, it’s easier to get their numbers (or even take them home), but it’s also more likely that they’ll flake on you. The drool on her chin and overwhelming stench of alcohol perspiration could be the only reason she gave you her number. Maybe she would have given you her number anyhow, but she has no way of knowing because she honestly doesn’t remember. She might not even remember what you looked like or what you talked about, or simply say she doesn’t because she was drunk, even if being drunk had nothing to do with it. Bottom line, alcohol often equals flakes. So, if you’re only meeting women at bars, you will get your share of bogus phone numbers.

2. She sensed your inner game was off

Some guys ruin their chances of getting that meeting by being much too needy when they call. They get it in their head that since the girl has shown some interest by coughing up her digits, they can let their guard down. Others try to overcompensate for lack of inner game by being too cocky or seeking validation. Women are keen observers. They pick up on inner game issues quickly, which is why it’s one of the most – if not THE MOST – important thing to work on. A guy with weak inner game is a HUGE turn-off for women.

3. She has a boyfriend or is in love with someone else

Sometimes chicks will flake because they’re already in a relationship or infatuated with some other guy. Maybe she got caught up in the moment and cheating seemed like a good idea, but after mulling the idea over a little, she started having second thoughts. In the case of cheating, you’re probably better off anyways.

4. She’s intimidated

Did it ever occur to you women might be intimidated by YOU? She might be insecure, you might be coming on too strong, or maybe your confidence makes her nervous.

5. She thinks you’re a player

Some girls think all guys are players if they can be, and if you really lay the smooth guy approach on too thick, you could be killing your own chances.

6. She’s not attracted to you enough

If you don’t build enough attraction in the first meeting, there’s probably a 95% chance you’re not going to see her again. Attraction is the basis of seduction.
If you fail at attraction, she just won’t have the incentive to see you again.

7. She didn’t feel enough rapport

Sometimes, even when you do a good job building attraction, a woman still won’t come out to meet you because she just didn’t feel enough of a connection. Unlike guys who will often sleep with anyone that they are vaguely attracted to, women need a little something more.

8. Your game is inconsistent

If you’re new to game and have really been stepping outside the box to try new behaviors, you might be letting that go when you call, especially if you’ve been using alcohol as a crutch. Once you set the tone about who you are, how you act, and the nature of the relationship, you’ve got to stay consistent. If not, the best case scenario is she’ll be confused, but it’s more likely the spark will just fizzle out.

9. Someone or something better came along

Women get hit on all the time and basically have an unlimited number of options, and there’s always the chance that one came along that was better than you. Maybe some other guy she already sleeps with called. Maybe she met someone guy she was more attracted to. Or maybe it’s not even a guy, but something more appealing and fun than going on a date with someone she doesn’t really know.

10. She’s rude

Let’s face it, some people in this world are just plain rude. Shitty people of both sexes exist out there. Some women even go out and give guys their numbers because they WANT guys they never plan to sleep with chasing them around. It satisfies their ego and gives them something to talk about with their friends. No skin off your back. Women like this are bad news anyways. She might just be telling the truth. Things do come up — emergencies happen, prior engagements slip the mind, a cancellation is not always a lie…

Whatever the reasons, don’t take it personally — and NEVER SHOW THAT IT MADE YOU UPSET OR DISAPPOINTED. If she’s the type of person who can’t even give meeting you a chance, she’s not worth your time. Some people in this world just aren’t worth knowing, but never immediately assume the reasons are negative. As seen above, there are plenty of reasons that might have nothing to do with you. Give her a hard time — IN A PLAYFUL MANNER — and tell her she has to make up for it now. Again, say this in a joking, playful manner. Call her on her bullshit, but not in a way that makes it seem like you really care. If she’s interested, she’ll suggest another time to meet or at least take your bait. If not, oh well… NEXT!

10 Ways to Cultivate Scarcity

Part of being successful with women has to do with a quality that you rarely find in a man,  and will NEVER find in a man who doesn’t have success with women.

Hmm… Could this mean it’s important?

The quality is SCARCITY.

Most men are, and always will be, FAR too available for women. This is what gives women so much power, and it’s also the reason why so many men go through life feeling like they don’t have any options.

So what’s the solution for you? Master the art of scarcity.

Here are 10 ways you can become a limited resource:

1. Have Somewhere to Be

The problem a lot of guys have with their initial approach is that women appear resistant because they aren’t sure yet what a guy wants (though they have a good idea), or how much of their time he’s going to consume.

So how do you field this problem? Well, if you’ve been studying the PUA arts for a while now, you’ve probably heard that it’s best to let the group of women that you’re randomly approaching know that you have somewhere to be. This can be as simple as telling them you’re on your way to go meet your friend, or even just talking to them over your shoulder.

In night game, if it’s a crowd of drunken partiers who don’t seem too worried about someone joining the group and you’re just out to meet someone new, it’s not such a big deal. If it is the middle of the afternoon, however, and you’re approaching a woman on the street, it’s probably a good tactic to use. This approach saves you from those awkward moments when you run out of things to say.

2. Don’t Answer Your Phone

Fielding phone calls can be a tricky situation. You got her number and she’s calling you back. Woo hoo, finally!! OK, easy there, big guy. Don’t go running across the room like a fifteen year old girl — your heart thumping and pigtails flying — to snatch up the phone. Play it cool. Let it ring a little bit. Don’t answer and call her back later. Better yet, stop babysitting your phone and waiting for her to call. Try leaving it at home every once and a while, and getting to it when you get back. It doesn’t hurt to be unavailable from time to time.

3. End the Call

Always get off the phone first, especially if you just started hanging out with this woman. Don’t be that guy that talks to her for 3 or 4 hours and grasps for straws every time the conversation dies off.

Be cheerful, chit chat a little, make your plan if there is one to make, and then get the HELL off the phone.

4. Wait to Respond

This goes for voice mail and text messages. Have you ever had a girl text you AND THEN YOU TEXT HER RIGHT BACK… and then she waits a while to answer… AND THEN YOU TEXT HER RIGHT BACK… and then she doesn’t respond… AND THEN YOU…

Okay, you better at least have the sense not to do the last one. Over-eagerness is easily picked up on — even in a text session. Try waiting just as long, or even TWICE as long, as she does to respond to you.

5. Don’t Show Up Early

While showing up a little late can be a nice touch, it’s a dangerous move, and I personally get a little bitter when people show up late when they’ve agreed to meet with me at a certain time. She might be the same. Don’t worry about that too much, but ESPECIALLY don’t be that guy sitting in one spot waiting for her because you HAD to be there early. It gives you too much time to psych yourself out, and then you look like a real dork when she shows up.

6. Just Be Friends

Remember that line that used to haunt you at night — “Let’s just be friends”? How about giving women a taste of their own medicine? Do so lightly, of course. Make offhand comments in the middle of your ball-busting about how she’d make a great friend or how she’s like your little sister. This drives women nuts. This is supposed to be their line, right? They just aren’t used to guys responding to them this way, especially when the rapport is building.

7. Go Home Early

Sometimes when a date is going well, it’s best just to call it a night.  Tell her you’ve got something to do and get out of there because the quickest way to ruin it when you’ve had a little success in the beginning is to get overexcited and push too far too quickly. She might even just get turned off because she can see your excitement. Call it a night and leave her wanting more. If it went as well as you think, you’ll get another chance

8. Be a Busy Guy

Being an all-around busy guy is attractive. It shows you have other things going on in your life, that you are ambitious and working towards something, and that there is more to your life than her—which there better be! Get hobbies, get serious about them, and be so busy that you don’t have to lie about being busy. Women should not be your only obligation in life.

9. Play Hard to Get

Playing hard to get is a great way to flirt. Make jokes about them moving too fast too soon when women touch you too much. Step back when they try to kiss you and tell them they have to earn it. Keep them on their toes and wondering just what your deal is, and then move in for a kiss on your own schedule. Go easy with this until you’re really feeling comfortable and confident.

10. Keep Your Options Open

Don’t start off relationships with women thinking about what kind of wife she would make or even that she would be an awesome girlfriend. Instead, take it easy. Think of it as making a new friend at first or at least nothing more than a chance to have some fun. Unless you’ve both committed to being in a relationship together, don’t cut other women out of your life. Continue to pursue other prospects and make it clear that you have options. Nothing turns a woman off more than a guy who is ready to drop his entire life and make her THE center of everything.

Keep in mind that while you’re doing all this stuff, you’ve still got to be fun, witty, and charming. You can’t just walk in and be the unattainable guy without rewarding her attention from time to time and expect her to keep pursuing you. Or, heck, I don’t know everything Go ahead and test it out and see what results you get! The trick is to keep them guessing. Don’t be that guy who is just happy to have a woman, ANY woman, spend time with them. They should feel lucky to spend time with you.

The Disney Lie and how it affects your dating life!

Disney told all the girls in the world they’re Princesses!

What’s so bad about that? The second lie…

They’ll all be getting perfect Prince Charmings on white horses with endless sex appeal, heroic strength, and the flawless traits possessed by artistically drawn cartoon characters…

They’ll destroy all beasts and vanquish all darkness in their exceptionally short total life spans of about 90
minutes – the average length of a Disney movie…

In the real world, nice guys that are TOO nice, however…
don’t usually seem to get the girl…

So what do you DO about this?

Watch this video to find out!

So here’s the question – how you can be a nice guy (especially on Valentine’s Day) and still get the girl and keep your manhood at the same time?

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